10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

Today’s homeowners search for ways to freshen spaces instead of buying a new property. They utilize do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to make necessary changes. Enough homeowners have become DIYers that the market was worth over $330 billion in 2021. To help you engage in this effort, here are ten ways to make your home look more modern.

1. Start With A Plan

A plan helps establish how your modern home design should appear. My Modern Home and other organizations offer architectural templates to help visualize your renovation. Additional options allow you to create customized plans.

You can also go through each room and list potential changes. Here, focus the plan on DIY solutions within your budget.

2. Work With Your Builder

Make sure your builder is on board when you want to construct a modern home or renovate your existing one. Some companies aren’t willing to assist due to time constraints or your budget. To find the right builder prepare 10-15 questions that they must answer before you end the interview. Take firms off the list that don’t have an immediate answer or don’t conduct further research to get you the necessary data.

3. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Simple fixes transform your existing home into a modern space. For example, a fresh coat of paint does wonders to change a room’s look. Look into warmer blues, greens, and yellows to make a space seem large.

4. Focus on Shapes

The hallmark of a modern home is strong shapes like rectangles and squares. These allow the angles of furniture and fixtures to stand out when you use a neutral color palette. The shapes’ simplicity increases a room’s serenity.

5. Let in Natural Light

Modern LED bulbs change a room’s look. However, they aren’t a substitute for natural light. Today’s spaces crave the sun’s rays to enrich their angles and fixtures.

Install programmable window shades to control natural light levels throughout the day. In addition, consider replacing your windows with ones that contain heat-absorbing panes. These maximize the amount of natural light without increasing a room’s temperature.

6. Open the Floor Plan

There are ways to open your home’s floor plan without a complete renovation. For instance, move furniture away from doors, arches, and other entryways. Natural light and the right paint colors also help to open a room.

Demolish walls between rooms to create a physical open floor plan. Before using a sledgehammer on the drywall, make sure what you want to tear down isn’t a load-bearing wall. Further, check for any electrical wires or plumbing. Damage could occur to these utilities if you don’t check ahead of time.

7. Remove the Clutter

Modern homes are known for their simplicity instead of walls and floors filled with personal items. A cluttered room feels smaller and less comfortable. Fix this by decluttering the space. Consider minimalism for your public spaces.

If you don’t want to get rid of your stuff, consider simple storage options. A footrest that doubles as a holder for DVDs are a good idea. Another suggestion is under-the-bed drawers and modular closets with numerous shelves.

8. Apply Contract

A palette of warm, neutral colors doesn’t mean you can’t add a striking contrast to some rooms. The kitchen is a good case in point. White countertops on top of black cabinets add sharpness and lightness to the space.

9. Use Colors That Pop

In addition to contrast, you should also consider brightly colored accessories to enhance your spaces. They should pop against the walls and furniture. Plus, you don’t need to keep the same items for years. Switch up the color palette every so often.

10. Consider Changes to All Spaces

Your home is more than the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. It’s also the garage, basement, and exterior. Consider every space for modernization if you want to upgrade your home. Declutter these spaces and change up the colors on areas like your front door. Further, look into xeriscaping to replace your heavily maintained lawn with minimalist rock gardens and succulent plants.

Thee are more ways than the items mentioned to make your home look modern. Don’t try to implement all of them at once. Make a plan and establish a budget to create small and meaningful goals.

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