3 Paint Colors You Can Use in an Open Floor Plan

Paint Floor Plan

People have loved open floor plans since the 1970s, but popular colors have changed a lot since then. If you have an open floor plan, either in a small efficiency apartment or a large, custom-built home, you may wonder what wall colors are appropriate for your space. You can use the following three paint colors in an open floor plan to create different effects.

Make a Small Open Floor Plan Feel Bigger With Neutral Colors

If your open floor plan is in a small space, such as an apartment, you can use neutral colors to make it feel bigger. This is because neutral colors draw the eye along the wall. Some of the most popular neutral colors for open floor plans are cool shades of white and gray. If you want to add some color without causing a disruption that could visually shrink your space, consider light shades of blue, green, and purple. These are cool colors that will add size and style to your space.

Make a Big Open Floor Plan Feel Cozier With Warm Colors

Open floor plans are common in big spaces as well, especially ranch-style homes. In this situation, an open floor plan can look and feel overwhelming. Warm colors can visually shrink the space since they look like they come closer to the viewer, making it cozier for yourself and your guests. You can use neutral warm colors to balance that coziness with the impressive size of your space, such as browns and tans. However, if you want to add more color to your space, you can use shades of red, orange, or yellow.

Divide Your Open Floor Plan With Bold Accent Walls

If you’re trying to master the art of interior decoration, then you know you need a variety of colors to make a space visually captivating. You can add this variety to open floor plans with accent walls. A strategically placed accent wall can visually divide your floor plan, making it easier to furnish an open-concept living space. Choose bold colors for your accent walls that coordinate with the other wall colors and furniture in your space. For example, a bright red accent wall will complement and pop against brown walls and tan furniture. A jewel-tone green wall would complement and pop against white walls and gray furniture. While you can use any paint colors you want in an open floor plan, these three will help your space feel bigger, smaller, or more captivating. Always test your desired colors in your space before painting, as they may look different online or in a paint store.

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