3 Signs of Water Service Line Pipe Corrosion

step to take after finding water damage

Your water service line delivers water from the municipal main to your home. When that pipe deteriorates, the corrosion can compromise water quality and cause expensive damage. Learn three signs of water service line pipe corrosion so you can protect your home and water supply.

Discolored Water

If you notice the water in your taps is brown, yellow, or rusty, it could indicate that the pipe’s interior is corroding. As the pipe deteriorates, the material may flake off and enter the water supply.

Discolored water looks unappetizing, and it may indicate potential health risks. For example, older homes might have lead pipes, and lead in drinking water can cause cardiovascular, kidney, and reproductive problems.

Pro Tip: Replace Pipes With Copper

Some plumbing leaks can be repaired, but corroded service lines may require replacements. Consider replacing the line with copper piping if it is old, extensively damaged, or made from unsafe material like lead. Copper is exceptionally corrosion-resistant, which is why NYC water systems use copper pipes extensively. The same can be said for many other locations across the US.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign of corrosion in your water service line is low water pressure. As the pipe corrodes, rust and other buildup can narrow the pipe and constrict water flow.

If you have low water pressure from fixtures throughout your property, you may have a corroded service line.  Low water pressure in only one fixture—such as a tap or shower head—may indicate a partially closed shut-off valve, clogged aerator, or faulty fixture.


Corrosion can cause pinhole leaks or small holes in the pipe. These leaks can cause puddles in your yard, and interior leaks can lead to stains and mold growth on walls and floors.

One important step to take after finding water damage is to identify its source, if possible. Call a plumber for leak repair services to prevent extensive damage and unhealthy living conditions. Discolored water, low water pressure, and leaks can indicate problems with your water service line. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your plumbing system and ensure safe and efficient performance.

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