4 Features Negatively Impacting Your Home’s Exterior

Impacting Home Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing passersby see. They don’t see a gorgeously designed interior that took planning and is arranged with great attention to detail. If the outside of your home is in poor condition, all they see is a mis-arranged yard and a dirty exterior, and they may assume the interior matches the outside.

Continue reading to learn about the features that could be negatively impacting your home’s exterior!

Deteriorating Front Porch

Imagine a door decorated with a wreath or wooden sign, plus two cushioned outdoor chairs sitting next to the door. A front porch is a quaint space that’s welcoming to guests.

In contrast, think of rotted wooden boards, a disintegrated wood finish, and loose railings. With damages like these, the front porch is anything but welcoming. It’s a cosmetic complication and a safety issue. If your porch’s current state contains any of these issues, it’s important to tend to it as soon as you can. Avoid any safety hazards and improve your home’s overall appearance.

Damaged Roofs

Another feature that negatively impacts your home’s exterior is a run-down roof. You might think roofs are the last thing people notice about your house, but that’s not true.

From the outside, cracked and missing shingles stand out. Wood can also rot beneath the surface and cause structural concerns. While a new roof or roof repairs can be pricey, it’s a necessary fix to ensure you’re living in a safe environment.

Poor Lighting

Arriving at a dark and dismal building is not an enjoyable feeling. There’s a quick fix to your problem: incorporate more outdoor lighting!

Some of the best places for outdoor lighting include beside the driveway, on the walkway to the front door, on top of the fence, and on the front porch. Lighting provides peace of mind that illuminates the hidden features you love about your home.

Small lights attached to stakes that stick into the ground are one of the easiest lights to integrate into your home’s design. If you aren’t sure which types of lights to use, try solar lighting designed for residential landscaping! The sun powers the lights so you can have a brightly lit home by the time the sun sets.

Unwashed Siding

Siding is a popular material used to construct homes across the world. But if you don’t properly care for siding, it will instantly diminish your home’s outward presence. Dirt, mold, warped boards, and broken seams are all aspects of worn-down siding that’s in need of some help. Once you take the time to brush off the debris and power wash the surface, your home will look much better! Conducting one of these valuable yet simple home renovations will make an immense difference in your home’s outward appearance! It can improve the home’s resale value and enhance your love for the home.

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