4 Ways To Finish Your Contracting Jobs Faster

Finishing Contracting Jobs

No one enjoys dealing with a delayed construction project or an incomplete job. It’s an inconvenience for clients and contractors. But there is a way to speed up the process while remaining efficient—because speed shouldn’t equate to a sloppy, improper, or incomplete job. Here are four ways to finish your contracting jobs faster.

Emphasize the End Date

Every time you receive a new contract, you have an end date in mind. While it’s more of an estimation for some jobs, clients may require specific dates for theirs. Inform crew members of the potential end date and place it on site.

They’ll have a goal to work towards. Always give yourself some leeway when choosing a date. Cushion the date with a couple of weeks to account for mistakes or delays because they’re bound to happen. Nothing is perfect so you should always give yourself a margin of error. Plus, if you finish before the due date it reflects well on your business.

Stock Up on Supplies

Running out of supplies is one of the worst things that can happen. For example, not ordering enough concrete and needing to stop halfway through. Now you need to order more and wait for it to arrive. Stock up on the supplies and materials you need.

It’s always better to have more rather than not enough. Purchase recyclable or recycled items because construction and contracting jobs generate a lot of waste. Other companies and projects can benefit from all the supplies you don’t need.

Upgrade the Equipment

The construction business always has new gadgets and gizmos hitting the scene. Don’t stick to the motto, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Don’t wait for your equipment to break to upgrade. Survey all your tools. Make note of any damage and set aside time to buy new ones.

Specifically, look for tools that can speed up the process. For example, you need different types of automatic taping tools when laying drywall. They perform two tasks in one, laying the tape and joint compound simultaneously. You’ll finish the job in half the time.

Keep Communication Flowing

It may surprise you to discover most contracting jobs experience delays due to a lack of communication. One member of the crew isn’t aware of a new development, and that development has a direct effect on their section of the project.

Poor communication puts a halt on everything. Send out memos via email to all members of the team with new information. Go the extra mile and hold quick meetings at the end and beginning of the workday, in case employees haven’t checked their email. Homeowners need contractors for renovations. So, it’s your job as the contractor to finish the jobs fast and well.

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