5 Hot Tips In Reducing Electric Bills

Reducing Electric Bills

Many people are now more concerned in saving money. The future holds too many uncertainties and with the economy becoming troubled in the past years, the upcoming years have yet to show improvements. There are many ways to save money and your electricity usage is probably the most effective place to start.

Reducing electric bills is not as difficult as many people would think. A little adjustment here and a little investment there should do the trick.

Go Solar

This is an obvious step to being lowering one’s electric bill. The initial investment for the solar panels may be pricey but, in the long run, it can give you more savings. The average American household can save tens of thousands of dollars during the time that the solar panel system is in use.

There are also places that offer solar leasing so you may also choose to go solar without actually purchasing the entire system. The projected savings for a middle-class family is at $600 annually, multiply this over the number of years that the solar panels are working and, well, you get the picture.

Switch to LED

Many homeowners are now switching to LED lights because they have realized or were educated that incandescent lighting not only literally burns but can also burn a huge hole in their pockets. Previously, it was CFL that was considered as the greenest option but with the advent of LEDs, green lighting has never been more efficient and affordable.

One other positive aspect about LED lighting is that it does not contain mercury. CFL still has a tiny amount of mercury. Though it may significantly reduce mercury pollution, CFLs are still not mercury-free. So why choose lighting that still has a small risk when your lighting can be totally devoid of danger?

Learn to Unplug

Many people keep appliances and devices plugged in for many hours or even a number of days. This includes computers, TVs, gaming consoles, A/C and heaters. These things use up electricity even when they are not in use. All you have to do is to turn them off and then unplug them. If turning devices on or off is a little too cumbersome for you, then have energy-saving plugs installed. Ask an electrician how you can have them in your home.

Cut Down You’re a/C and Heating Requirements

One of the biggest electricity hogs are air conditioners and heaters. Man needs to adapt to his hot or cold environment, hence, he turns on one of these units to make himself feel comfortable. But there are times when you can actually adjust to the environment.

If you turned on the A/C only to put on more layers of clothing then you are defying the very purpose of the cooling system. Rather than freeze yourself, why not raise the thermostat and allow your body to adjust to the environment? If not, then at least use a fan rather than depending on the A/C. Blowing air uses up less energy when compared to turning hot air to cold air.

Ditch Old Appliances

An old refrigerator gobbles up huge amounts of energy as compared to its modern counterpart. This is the perfect time to get rid of it. After ditching your fridge, look for any other appliances that are too old for your modern way of living. It’s time to upgrade to the energy efficient appliances. The learning thermostat, for instance, can help you save a lot of money. Think of this as an investment. You would end up reducing electric bills if you decide to finally let go of your older appliances.

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