6 Lighting Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

6 Lighting Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

We have all often found ourselves getting stuck on the decision of home lighting. Lighting is an essential part of your home decor, which can impact the way everything in your house appears to be. The wall colors, decor items, furniture, flooring, curtains, everything is dependent on good lighting. This is the reason you need some amazing light decor ideas to transform the appearance of your interior space. If you are sitting in a room that has dark or dull lighting, then keep reading this blog.

We have gathered some useful tips and made this comprehensive guide on light decoration ideas for your home. The following are six helpful lighting decor ideas to glow up your interior:

1.    Perfectly Place the Mirrors

You can place mirrors near lights to brighten up a dark room. You must arrange mirrors optimally so that they can reflect as much light into the space as possible. This placement will help to add extra light. If done correctly, a room will appear brighter and have more light sources.

The best locations for mirror placement are directly opposite to or next to a window. This increases the perception of brightness by allowing light to penetrate and reflect from various directions within the room. Plain mirrors or a set of linear decorative mirrors can be used to lighten up your space and add that extra brightening effect. You can also find some chic LED mirror lights to be attached above the mirrors. These lights will look modern and increase the brightening aspect of your place.

2.     Light Color Palette

Dark colors are not very effective in a dimly lighted space. Such colors are known to work best in wide and well-lit environments. Although it is a fact that darker hues can contribute to the creation of a cozy ambiance, it can be difficult to ideally match with the interior. This can ultimately result in a seemingly small space with a dark and dull atmosphere.

Lighter colors like whites, creams, or pastels can be taken into consideration as they can reflect light and make a space appear brighter. They’re the ideal choice for small areas and will contribute to lightening any dim environment. You can also add light marble floors or light wooden floors to make your room look more spacious and bright. It is up to you to decide if you want to get the furniture in a light color or if you want to add other lighter accents to your space. Just keep in mind to not add too much of light colors, as it can make your room appear too plain.

3.     Sparkle with a Chandelier

Installing lighting that leads the eye upward is one approach to brightening a dim area. Chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures are excellent for this idea.

Instead of the traditional chandeliers, try adding an oversized, luxurious, and chic-designed crystal chandelier. These huge ones can emit more light and create a lovelier ambiance in your living rooms or dining rooms. Hanging ceiling lights that come in sets can be used in living rooms and hung over tables. With such decorative lights being the center of attention in your room, your space will sparkle more.

4.     Be Friends with White Lamps

Lampshades are excellent light decor ideas since they contribute to light diffusion and add a lovely aesthetic element. Choose your lamp shade carefully if your space is gloomy. You can use floor lamps or table lamps with lighter shades and graceful designs to look pleasing and bright.

Do not hesitate to add white lamps to your place. Most people think that white lamps will be too simple or too boring. However, it is important to know that white lamps can give a sudden lighting effect and they will blend well with the rest of your room decor. For example, a ceramic or metallic lamp with a white paper lampshade can remarkably modernize your space and also add an elegant hint of brightness to your bedrooms or living rooms.

5.     Make Way for Metallic Accessories

It is simple to change a gloomy and dark room by adding decorative glimmering gold or silver items. You can easily add metallic accessories successfully to your house’s walls, ceilings, tables, shelves, windows, etc. Just be careful, as you should not overdo the metallic items.

Plan and gather a unique and updated collection of metallic gold items to reflect light in various rooms of your home. These items can include decor accents, sculptural figurines, table decor items, mirrors, flower pots, vases, frames, furniture, etc. You can also buy metallic spray paint in various colors to add a customized sheen to the things you already own. It is a great idea to give a brand new, vivid sheen to your old furniture, cupboards, or cabinets.

6.     Add the Beauty of Fairy Lights

Proper usage of fairy lights can give attractive lighting effects to your home space. There are numerous wonderful ideas to add fairy lights to your space. The benefit of these string lights is that they not only brighten up and add a perfect ambiance to your rooms, but they also look astonishingly inspiring at all placements.

The entrance of your home is a great place to add fairy lights. They look welcoming, and you can either hang them at the entrance or attach them to the walls. Other than this, you can place these fairy lights in glass bottles or jars to create an aesthetic ambiance. For an enhanced sparkling look, attach simple or designed fairy lights around mirrors, frames, and flower pots.


The most crucial choice one can make while designing different rooms is choosing the appropriate light sources and ways to make the room look bright. Remember, it is more than simply an issue of function when it comes to lights. Additionally, lighting decor ideas aim to make your place more beautiful. We hope the above-mentioned ideas will help you to make a lovely change in your rooms. Brighten up your space and life with these amazing lighting decor options.