6 Reasons Why Keeping Your Furnace Updated is Important

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Keeping your furnace updated is something that you must do every year for many different reasons. Failing to keep your furnace in good condition could leave your home being very cold when it suddenly fails. You also run the risk of higher-than-normal power bills, and you also may find yourself dealing with constant breakdowns. Getting routine maintenance completed on your furnace at least once a year will help to ensure that you have no issues during those cold winter months.

1. Energy Efficiency

When your furnace is not clean, it will have to work harder to keep the house at the temperature that you have set it. This is especially true if the furnace filters themselves are dirty or the ductwork is dirty. When the furnace has to draw air through, it needs to be cleaned. Filters that are bogged down with dirt, reduce the furnace’s ability to get air from the outside and heat it. This will cause the furnace to run longer and consume more energy.

During a routine maintenance check, an HVAC technician will go over the unit well. They will clean both the indoor and outdoor units. If your filter is clogged, they will give you instructions on how often you should be replacing or changing the filter. The technician will also inspect your ductwork to ensure that it is in good working order.

When your unit is clean and working well, it will be more energy-efficient.

2. Better Air Quality

When a furnace system is properly maintained, it will help to create better indoor air quality. For example, if there are holes in the ductwork, outside air from under your home can get in. Dust, dirt, and other debris can quickly infiltrate your home, ruining the indoor air quality and leading to issues with allergies. Having your furnace updated at least once a year will help to improve the overall air quality of your home.

3. Early Detection of Issues

When a professional HVAC technician comes out in the fall to inspect your furnace, they will look for any potential problems. If they see them, they will make you aware and then you should contact a professional company that specializes in furnace repair in Edmonton. The quicker a problem is repaired the better. Repairs that are not completed quickly can lead to the eventual failure of the HVAC system.

4. Long-Lasting

You want your furnace to last for many years. Your furnace is capable of that, but only if it is cared for properly. A furnace that is not maintained and updated once a year may go out earlier than it should in its lifespan. This is due to abnormal wear and tear, issues with repairs going unnoticed, and being unclean. Once your furnace starts to have to work harder, it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the working parts. For example, if the air filter is clogged, or the thermostat has gone bad, the furnace may stay on constantly. This can cause the fan motor to overheat, which can cause the premature death of the unit. Getting routine maintenance can help you to avoid these issues, and ensure that your furnace lives out its entire lifespan and beyond.

5. Warranty Satisfaction

With many furnace manufacturers, the warranty that they give you comes with the information that you have to have annual maintenance done at least once a year. Some systems require that you have system maintenance done twice a year. If you fail to not do the annual or bi-annual maintenance, you may find that you are voiding your warranty. If something happens to your unit, you will have to be responsible for the repairs. To find out if this is in your warranty, be sure to read the warranty.

6. Safety

A furnace that is not updated regularly may be a safety risk. A furnace that has gone bad may release carbon monoxide into the air. This can cause lethal consequences in a household. A faulty furnace is also a fire risk that can cause thousands of dollars of damage, and even loss of life. A faulty furnace can also cause the house not to be warm enough for occupancy. Getting regular maintenance will help to ensure that the furnace system is completely safe for everyone in the household. Furnace updates are easy to schedule, and most HVAC companies offer great deals on maintenance packages. Contact your local HVAC company today to schedule your yearly maintenance on your furnace

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