6 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Hot Tub

6 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your First Hot Tub

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hot tub, you’re certainly not alone. Who wouldn’t enjoy unwinding after a long day? Hot tubs offer that private oasis of luxury to the homeowner and can be used for relaxation, entertainment and even physical therapy. Before you jump in and buy one, let the home shopping experts give you some tips on purchasing your first hot tub.


The hot tub remains a “gotta have” item. What initiated the hot demand for hot tubs were the quarantine conditions of the global pandemic in 2020. People were starting to spend more time at home and enjoying their properties and expanding their backyards for more entertaining options. In addition, a hot tub is far more affordable than having a swimming pool built.

1. Consider The Electrical Source

Before you buy one, make sure you can accommodate the hot tub you are choosing. For instance, the bigger units that are built-in will need to be hardwired into your home’s central circuit breaker box because of their higher power requirements. This will mean having an electrician do the work. Today, the hot tub industry has advanced with more convenient and modern options which can be easily plugged into an electrical outlet.

2. Think About The Tub’s Location

You probably have an ideal space in mind for your hot tub, but don’t forget to carefully measure your location and ensure that you are leaving enough space around the hot tub. If your unit will be placed indoors, consider that you have ample space with the proper ventilation for humidity and condensation control.

There are also modern units that are portable, soft and lightweight and can easily be moved to the desired space by rolling them into place and not having to worry about needing a concrete pad to set them up on.

3. Ask About The Position Of The Jets

Another key aspect when purchasing your first hot tub is knowing about the jets and how they are arranged. For example, not every hot tub configuration is the same when it comes to the all-important jets. Strategically placed, interchangeable hydro-jets are ideal for many because they can provide a balanced and invigorating experience, especially when you are using the unit for hydrotherapy.

4. Inquire About Cleaning And Maintenance

Every hot tub type is unique when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Ask about the upkeep involved. Some units include water treatment kits that explain the process of using the proper chemicals to keep the water balanced so that it’s safe and comfortable to use. Regular testing of your hot tub helps prevent bacteria and other issues from developing in the water.

5. Know The Importance Of A Cover

Some folks think that not having a hot tub cover is no big deal if the unit you purchase doesn’t include one. However, hot tub experts remind first-time purchasers that the cover is essential.

Some hot tubs include this feature. If not, you should purchase the right cover. It will keep your unit free of debris and protect against a young child or animal falling in and drowning. Also, a hot tub cover saves you from any heat loss and is good for energy efficiency.

6. Learn About The Health/Wellness Benefits

For those who love having a Softub hot tub, many will tell you that a relaxing soak is excellent for both the mind and body. Human beings love being in and around water. That is known as blue space, and hot tubs provide this amazing buoyancy as the body rises and floats toward the surface.

The massaging effects from the powerful hydro-jets deliver healing for the muscles and joints and help to de-stress the mind as well. A hot tub offers incredible health and wellness benefits for adults of all ages.

Closing Remark

Purchasing your first hot tub is an exciting venture, especially when you get it home and up and running. You will be wondering how you lived without one for so long. Follow the experts’ recommendations above for choosing the perfect hot tub for your personal oasis.