Areas of the Home You Should Test for Asbestos

Home Test Asbestos

You’ll want to read this blog if you recently purchased a home built before the 1970s. Asbestos was a widely used material before it was banned. Unfortunately, some residential areas with older homes can still contain the hazardous substance. These are the areas of the home you should test for asbestos.

Furnace Ducts, Boilers, and Steam Pipes

These areas may have asbestos in them because it may have been in the insulation contractors used. The popular thing to wrap exposed pipes or ducts with was asbestos paper tape or an asbestos blanket. The materials in this insulation can release asbestos fibers if under doing repair, removed improperly, or damaged. A brief look at insulation will help you understand how to insulate these appliances properly after removing the asbestos.

Shingles, Siding, and Cement Roofing

These products won’t release asbestos unless cut, sawed, or drilled into. Ensure you have a professional check the area for asbestos and remove the materials if the technician detects it. Replace the old with the new for an asbestos-free home.

Decorative Ceiling Materials

There was once a time when popcorn ceilings were all the rage. You could find it in almost any home in America. This loose and crumbly material is difficult to remove, and you should always have professionals check your popcorn ceiling before you attempt to remove it. The last thing you need is to release asbestos into the air because no amount of exposure is okay.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring and Adhesives

Have you ever walked into a home built before 1970 and been appalled by the tile flooring? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quick rip-it-up-and-replace-it kind of situation. The vinyl flooring will need a professional to test for asbestos and requires a specific removal process if they find any.

Managing Asbestos Correctly

If a material contains asbestos, you can live with it as long as it goes undisturbed. Once the asbestos fibers release, you have two options: removal or repair. Both will require professional help to tackle. Repair is the less expensive choice between the two. Before you remove any flooring, insulation, or other material in your older home, test those areas of the house forasbestos. You’ll be glad you did.

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