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Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Buying a House Together

Every adult feels proud when they make a big purchase. It’s like every moment growing up led to that moment. Buying a house is a major accomplishment, but it takes a great deal of preparation to do so. For people planning to move in with a partner, it’s an even bigger commitment. Before finalizing a purchase, here are the necessary questions to ask your partner before buying a house together. What Are Your Goals for the Future? Most people dream about what their future will look like in 5, 10,…

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How to Make a Profit Flipping Houses in a Down Market

It’s no secret that the housing market is in a state of flux. Many investors are unsure about whether or not now is a good time to buy a  house and flip it. Right now, many amateur and “part time” flippers are closing up shop. Sellers have not yet fully embraced the reality that their home just isn’t worth what it was just a few months ago, and buyers are being a lot more cautious with their spending. The days of capital flowing freely from one hand to the next…

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