5g Impact in India Technology 

How 5G will will impact India

The rollout of 5G technology in India is expected to bring about improvements in connectivity, mobile experiences, economic growth, healthcare, education, and public safety. 5G will offer faster and more reliable internet speeds, facilitate the growth of new industries and businesses, enable telemedicine and online learning, and improve emergency response and transportation systems. These changes and improvements have the potential to significantly impact various sectors in India. Here is a look at how 5G may impact India: Overall, the rollout of 5G technology in India has the potential to bring…

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Smart Home Technology Electricity Related Technology 

What is A Smart Home? How To Setting Up?

Were there moments when you were away from home when you had some nagging doubts as to whether or not you have turned off the electric stove? Were you also doubtful about the security alarm? Do you believe that your kids are actually doing their homework and are not wasting their time in watching TV? Setting up a smart home means you can now put these worries to rest. Using your smart phone tablet, you can now connect appliances and devices in your home so that these machines can communicate…

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