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Country Style Bathroom

A lot has happened since the time when bathing, washing up and having your morning dump had to happen in different places. Today, the world is blessed to have standard bathrooms which are a far cry from the outhouses that were shamefully built in the past. The world is now ascertained that there will never be another cholera outbreak all because the community pump has been infiltrated by the dirty waters of a cesspit. In fact, mankind has leveled up to such a degree that bathrooms are now as luxurious as spas. With so many designs to choose from, would you consider the rustic, country style bathroom for your home?

Spa or Bathroom?

It is often said that kitchens and bathrooms are the selling points of a home – and there is a good reason behind this. Buyers can ask for an outright discount where a bathroom tile is out of place because they know that this part of the home must look sublime.

Nowadays, it is so easy to interchange a bathroom from a spa. Bathrooms are now modeled with luxurious aesthetics where people can relax and feel comfortable. The country style décor is quite popular these days as it provides a natural, earthy look.

Anything that looks old can automatically offer a country style look for your bathroom. An antique is a preferred piece because it can replace the modern accessories while still offering a level of stylishness that is difficult to replicate.

Iron or wooden cabinets, towel bars and vanities are all suitable for your country style bathroom. You can also put in wooden shelves or chests if you happen to have a huge bathroom in your home. Install countertops made of granite or marble for a more elegant look.

Achieving the spa look becomes easy when you use white porcelain faucets, printed shower curtains that are made of fabric and huge bathtubs. Find the appropriate tub by investing on the cast iron type. There is a huge chance that you will find one in a local hardware but you can also order online. For those who prefer vinyl curtains, then start shopping for dark-colored ones or those that come with nature themes.

Veer away from bright paint or wallpapers since softer shades are more apt for the theme. You can use basic colors minus the usual mixtures, making sure that the flooring does match the walls. There are places that sell old fashioned tiles. If you have time to search for them, then do so because your effort would definitely pay off.

Use soft-colored lights for bathroom lighting. This will add a softer glow to the surrounding décor. You can also buy chandelier or any old-fashioned lamp. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few wooden frames, plaques and wooden pegs installed. Add some engraved mirrors, rugs, cotton towels and such and you have just accomplished the country style ambience.

Decorative candles will also look great inside this kind of bathroom. If your allotted budget is not sufficient to allow a major renovation, then you can just add some new accessories to improve the bathroom ambience. You can also put a wicker basket as a storage bin.

Buying Bathroom Décor

Many vintage home furnishing stores sell country style accessories. As soon as you have formulated the idea in your mind, then shopping for the materials and accessories will be a lot easier. Country style bathroom is all about bronze or brass door knobs, towel bars and faucets. If your budget does not allow the real kind, then you can always buy the faux brass and bronze materials for your bathroom project.

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