Creative Ways To Fill Up Blank Wall Space in Your Home

creative ways to fill up blank wall space in your home

Walls play an essential role in architectural and interior design. Functionally, walls form barriers and structural support. On a design level, walls provide a great blank canvas to let your artistic talents shine. Discover four creative ways to fill up blank wall space in your home and maximize every interior surface available for design.

Hang Up a Metal Wall Sculpture 

Sculptures alter a space’s dynamic in many ways. From their material structure to shape, every detail of a sculpture influences the look and ambiance of the room it occupies. Metal wall sculptures provide a modern and industrial aesthetic that varies in ambiance depending on the sculpture’s specific shape and mold.

A metal sculpture featuring twists and color exudes a different atmosphere than one with straight lines and metallic hues. Choosing wall art involves a lot of considerations. One tip for choosing metal wall sculptures for your home is to take color schemes into account. The sculpture’s color affects your wall’s appeal, the mood the art emanates, and the cohesiveness of your interior design between the walls and other decorative details. Wall sculptures fill up blank wall spaces and transform rooms.

Hand Paint a Wall Mural

For a more personal art display on your walls, fill the blank wall spaces with handpainted murals. DIYing wall murals enhance your home’s character with a personal touch. The more individual characteristic charm your space exudes, the cozier your home will feel. Getting your paintbrushes out and hand painting a mural gives your space a unique design feature that entertains you, personalizes the wall, and fills the emptiness with color and shapes.

Add Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great landlord-friendly way to decorate your home. Unlike traditional wallpaper and paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to easily decorate walls without making a long-term commitment. When you finish the design or rental, you can just peel the wallpaper off the walls.

Adding wallpaper to your space allows you to fill empty walls with multiple design options. Wallpapers come in many colors and prints, giving you lots of creative freedom.

Curate a Souvenir Wall Display

Are you a seasoned traveler? A souvenir wall display highlights the many destinations you visited in a wall collage. On top of getting rid of your plain walls, a souvenir wall display also personalizes your space and allows you to relive your adventures, keeping them fresh in your memory. Whether you collect postcards, trinkets, or local crafts from your travels, hang them on your plain wall canvases for a creative interior design touch. Don’t let plain walls hinder your home’s design, ambiance, and character. Implement these creative ways to fill up blank wall space in your home and add an artistic touch to your space’s interior design.

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