Designing A College Dorm Room (Minus The Disasters)

Designing A College Dorm Room

Thousands of hopeful youngsters have, once again, flooded universities and colleges recently as schools welcome them to their new lives. Now that these bright-eyed teens are having their first taste of living experience outside of their homes, most are scouting for useful tips in designing a college dorm room. Most of them, after all, are still clueless while some have some ideas that they just need to organize.

Whether your young one is one of these excited freshmen or a senior who is about to say goodbye to college life, it is important to create a temporary nest for him (or her). As a parent, what ideas do you have in mind?

The Mini Version of Your Home

It wouldn’t hurt to create a version of your own home in your son’s dorm. Dorm rooms average a total of 200 square feet (not a lot to stuff in all of your son’s belongings and knick knacks). This is also an inadequate space for your ten-thousand-dollar-renovation-project. Sure, you are free to provide luxuries for your child but this does not mean that you have to break the bank to do it.

Back in the day, it was not okay to paint the walls of college dorms, well, with the changing times, many colleges now allow it. For as long as the walls return to a neutral color by the end of the school semester then all is well.

Remember the walls that your son preferred when he asked to have his own room in your home? Keep that in mind because you can also take this same color and use it on the walls of his new dorm room.

As for the lovely females, you could invest in colorful rugs, bedding and lamps. These stuff – no matter how simple they are – can easily pull any room together. If your daughter is a budding artist, then have fun with bursts of lively colors and stark contrasts. Do not hesitate to use yellow, teal, green and orange. Use these colors on objects such as pillows, throw blankets and lamps.

Steer Clear of These Common Dorm Disasters

Cluttered clothing, dirty dishes and age old Chinese takeout cartons all have a way of finding themselves into many college dorms. Most of these are strewn across dorm floors with their olfaction overpowering odors.

Parents (especially moms) are not always going to be there to unclutter these dorm rooms. This is why, it becomes important to teach the young ones where the trash bin is and where the storage areas are.

Since most dorm rooms are very small, it also pays to utilize the space above the floor (from the walls to the ceilings). There are so many ways that clutter can be taken off of the floor and kept out of sight. There must always be a place for everything.

If there are stuff that are no longer useful such as old notebooks and magazines, then the trash is where these should go. As for clothes, it is time to put racks into good use.

Similar or Not

As a college student, you can only wish that your roommate will have the same tastes as you do. If not, do not fret. Just respect diversity and find a way that you can both make it through the semester.

Your imagination is the only limit to the style that you can create. Take the time to design your bed because this is the focal point on that tiny space that you will call your own for a few months. Find a comforter that depicts your unique personality.

Find a desk where you could study comfortably. This has to be sturdy enough for your laptop and other stuff. Purchase a lamp that offers ample lighting. Lastly, buy frames where you can put in your cherished family photos and artwork. See, designing a college dorm room need not be complicated!

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