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Dexter Scott King


Dexter King, the son of the iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has made significant contributions in continuing his father’s legacy of activism and social justice. From his early involvement in the civil rights movement to his various accomplishments as an author, activist, and philanthropist, Dexter King has played a crucial role in promoting equality and positive change. In this article, we will delve into the life and achievements of Dexter King, highlighting his noteworthy contributions to society.

Who is Dexter King?

Dexter King was born on January 30, 1961, the second son of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Growing up in a household dedicated to the pursuit of equality and justice, Dexter King was exposed to the principles of the civil rights movement from a young age. He witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs his father faced in his fight against racial discrimination.

Dexter King’s Relation to Martin Luther King Jr.

As the son of Martin Luther King Jr., Dexter King carries on his father’s legacy as a prominent figure in the ongoing crusade for civil rights. He has shown a deep understanding of the importance of his father’s work and has actively worked to preserve and promote it. Dexter King’s dedication to continuing his father’s mission has earned him immense respect and recognition within the civil rights community.

Dexter King’s Activism and Achievements

Dexter King has dedicated his life to activism and advancing his father’s message of equality. He has been instrumental in organizing and participating in various civil rights campaigns and protests throughout the years. His commitment to social justice is evident in his tireless efforts to eradicate racial discrimination and promote equal opportunities for all.
One of Dexter King’s notable achievements is his role as the chairman of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Under his leadership, the center has continued to serve as a hub for education, research, and advocacy regarding nonviolent social change. Dexter King’s contributions to the center have helped preserve and propagate the teachings of his father, inspiring generations to carry on the fight for equality.

Dexter King’s Books and Quotes

In addition to his activism, Dexter King has also ventured into the world of literature. He has authored several books that shed light on his family’s journey and the significance of his father’s work. These books not only provide valuable insights into the civil rights movement but also offer a personal perspective on the challenges faced by the King family.
Dexter King’s quotes are often powerful and thought-provoking, resonating with individuals around the world. His words reflect his commitment to justice and equality, inspiring others to take action and bring about positive change.

Dexter King’s Net Worth

While Dexter King’s contributions to society are immeasurable, his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. His financial success has allowed him to continue supporting various charitable endeavors and organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of civil rights and social equality.

The Dexter King Foundation

Dexter King established the Dexter King Foundation as a means to further his philanthropic efforts. The foundation focuses on supporting initiatives that aim to empower marginalized communities and promote social justice. Through the foundation, Dexter King has made substantial contributions towards the betterment of society, carrying on his father’s vision of a more equitable world.


Dexter King’s life and legacy serve as an inspiration to individuals across the globe. With his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality, he has carried the torch passed down by his father, Martin Luther King Jr. Dexter King’s achievements as an activist, author, and philanthropist have made a lasting impact on society, reminding us of the power of compassion, courage, and determination in creating a better future for all. As we reflect on his remarkable journey, we are compelled to continue the fight for justice and equality, guided by Dexter King’s principles and the teachings of his father.

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