Eclectic Style: Nostalgic Yet New

Eclectic Style

Everyone always needs a reason to do something, live or defy rules, and even manage his own life. This reason must not always push you to conform, after all, everyone has his own preference and is attracted to different things. This is also true when it comes to interior design. The design sphere is a highly creative field, hence, tastes can greatly vary. This is what defines eclectic style and why it is a design standout.

It can be difficult to have a complete definition for eclecticism. Just to put a certain margin to this term, this is the art movement that was considered as a separate style in the design world. For many, eclecticism is still seen as a distinct movement, with eclectic as the term used for the combination of Renaissance and classical tradition.

The History Behind the Name

Eclecticism first came into existence in the late 19th century when architects searched far and wide for a style that held a historic precedence while offering never-before-seen designs. The new style that is achieved is a catalog of past designs which have been mixed in order to achieve a higher level of expressionism.

Revivalists have tried so hard to replicate past styles but this is not eclecticism. Being eclectic means you still get to create while offering a peek into the past.

Different Time Periods, Fused Look

The philosophy behind the eclectic design is to combine different styles coming from different time periods as well as different origins which are all used in a single project. For those who are not artistically adept, this whole look could invoke chaos but these different styles when combined on an artistic plane could easily harmonize.

An example is when different furniture pieces from different time periods are all combined to deliver a unified look. All the elements are interlinked with other styles inside the same room.

You might be wondering how you can bring about a variety of designs and fuse them together and still remain stylish in the process? It takes a lot of effort and creative thinking to make an eclectic project work.

There are some features like fabric, color, furniture and finishes that make eclectic style an amazing work of art.

Synchronization Is Key

Your living room should be a subtle blend of traditional and modern design while not defying the rules of either styles. It should present a harmonious blend where the different styles allow you to come up with your very own design. Your living room must have a beautiful blend of vintage and rustic without any of the objects losing their identity.

As to the color, do not think that eclecticism is all about the use of the brightest colors because it is not. This can also be presented on a neutral palette where the aim is still to balance the different textures and designs. This means that you can be subtle while speaking volumes at the same time.

Eclecticism can also be the semblance of contemporary design but that retro chair can give a room with a whole new look. Adding a chandelier with all the other small elements can give your home a new look without trying too hard. Both the retro chair and the chandelier can create a beautiful focal point in any living room without overshadowing the presence of the beautiful furniture pieces. If you love colors, then your home can be the host to a splash of hues which can be completed with a wrought iron dresser, cane chair and a wooden sofa. As you notice, each uses a different material but they can all blend to show a unique look that is the eclectic style.

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