Electrician Salary And The Factors Involved In Its Calculation

Electrician Salary

The thought of earning lucrative electrician salary can be truly attractive for a lot of people yet the profitability does not begin at the foot of this career ladder. There are many important factors to consider when it comes to the wages that an electrician may receive.

The job projections according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is estimated to increase to 23% by 2020. This is much higher than the average job growth rate all over the nation. This spells security and job stability for all electricians and even those who are aspiring to become one.

One other good reason to become an electrician is plainly stated in the Law of Supply and Demand. Employers know that there is a shortage of electricians so they will do everything to lure the applicants over to their side of the fence. They know how important it is to make electricians happy with the best salary offers, medical insurance, dental insurance and retirement plans.

The Current Rate

As of the moment, the BLS record shows that the median salary for electricians is now at $23.30 every hour. This means that more than half of U.S. electricians are able to earn higher than this amount. Master electricians as well as electrical contractors can earn as much as $100,000 annually.

The outside lineman also holds a high paying position in the electrical industry. This is more so if he works for local companies. Their job are highly risky, though, and they are sometimes required to be on call for 24 hours each day. Most outside linemen are contacted right after storms. They are tasked to restore power where accidents and damages happened during the storm.

An outside electrician should be able to work under all kinds of weather condition. He must not be afraid to work with high voltage wires. The dangers involved in working with this kind of job is one of the chief reasons why the electrician salary can skyrocket. Being exposed to possible emergencies and a great deal of physical labor can also add to the electrician’s wage.

Overall, the current median salary for electricians is at $25.75 per hour. This is computed at a mean annual wage of $53,560. industries that were reported to have the highest employment and wage percentage were the following –

  • Building equipment contractors with earnings amounting to $52,980 each year.
  • For those who are working in the local government, the rate is presently at $59,650 annually.
  • Building equipment industry is recorded at $52,980 per year.
  • Metal ore mining is able to offer $58,660 every year.
  • Ship and boat building industry offers an annual earning of $49,630.

So what can you do to improve your salary? First, you have to be patient enough to earn ample years of experience. Apprentice electricians earn 50% of the licensed electrician’s wage. Seniority is basis for bigger salary and this can only be earned by working patiently for many years.

The more complex industries have a higher danger percentage, hence, they are paid with higher salaries. The more complex an industry becomes, the higher expertise and technical learning is required. Of course, an airline or shipping electrician should earn more than the residential electrician.

An electrician that specializes in electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution is one of the highest paid workers in the nation. 

Where you live will also determine how much you earn. The average cost of living becomes a factor in the computation of electrician wage. An Alaskan electrician is paid $10,000 more than someone who tries to earn a living in the mainland.

Becoming a member in unions and electrician groups is a great way to negotiate for better salaries. More than 200,000 union members are now receiving higher salaries than those who are not unionized. Are you ready to earn a respectable electrician salary? Then be ready to work hard for it.

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