Genius Ways To Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Homeowners always appreciate money-saving ideas because home ownership isn’t cheap. The bills are one area individuals love saving money, especially energy bills. They can easily get out of control, and you may not know how to decrease them.

There are ways you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and bring down that bill. Continue reading to find out these ideas.

Update Appliances to Energy Star Models

Old appliances can suck energy and drive up your energy bills. One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to swap out those old refrigerators, washing machines, or dryers for updated Energy Star models.

Newer appliances can use up to 40 percent less energy than outdated versions. The best place to start is the kitchen, especially if you plan to sell soon. Potential buyers love to see new refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens.

Use Weatherstripping on Exterior Doors

Do you find there’s a draft in your house near the exterior doors? Are pests crawling inside through tiny cracks under the door? Weatherstripping is an excellent tool for stopping the outside elements from creeping inside. It’s an inexpensive project that won’t take much time, but you’ll love the results. You can say bye-bye to drafts and pests.

Update the Insulation

Many homes across the United States are severely underinsulated. It’s a shame because the insulation can tremendously help make a home energy efficient. Updated insulation is ideal in every house. It can decrease your energy bills significantly and create a comfortable environment all year. It’s also an attractive feature for potential buyers, and you’ll make up the cost during the sale.

Maintain Your HVAC

It’s important to keep your furnace updated and maintained. Ensure you’re changing out the filters regularly. This task helps the furnace operate effectively and efficiently. A dirty filter can make the HVAC system run longer and work harder. During the spring and fall, call a local HVAC professional to come out and clean your air conditioner and furnace to ensure everything is working. Taking these steps will help boost your home’s energy efficiency. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency will create a more comfortable and valuable space. These tips are fairly inexpensive but will make a large impact.

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