Home Decor 101: 5 Simple Ways to Liven Up a Space

Home Decor 101_ 5 Simple Ways to Liven Up a Space

No matter your favorite decorating style, every now and again we need to change things up. Small changes can easily freshen up your space; bold bursts of color can add even more energy. If you can find pieces that you can use seasonally, you can create even more flexibility.

Go Big

If you’re in an apartment with plain walls, the place may be screaming for color. Consider adding a piece of large wall art to inspire creativity and allow your mind and spirit to truly feel at home. These pieces can be mounted or settled on a wide piece of furniture. Many large canvas pieces are surprisingly lightweight as well as colorful.

Be bold with this piece. If you love flowers and have a side table, get a piece of wall art that features a lot of dark green and use this table for nothing but fresh flowers. This doesn’t have to be an expensive piece; if your budget is very tight, a shallow bookcase that’s 36 inches high or shorter can be purchased for a small amount of cash and offer you both storage and a spot for your favorite things.

Think Small

If your space is small, consider using tiny pieces of artwork that feature print in colorful frames. For example, old advertisements from magazines have a sepia charm that can look wonderful against a red or orange frame. If the viewer has to look across the room to notice them and they have to walk across the room to reach them, the room will feel bigger.

Another option is to use floating frames and press interesting items between the layers of glass. A dried flower, a pretty leaf, or a child’s handprint drawing can all offer terrific visual interest and you can easily swap them out when you need something different.

Add Pops of Color

If you painted things white or mist gray during a minimalist phase, consider adding an accent wall in a rich tone that will pair nicely with your existing furniture. Burgundy, rust, teal, and charcoal are all luscious colors that will make your belongings stand out beautifully.

For those in apartments who can’t paint, consider adding a back to a bookcase and paint that to serve as an accent wall. Your books will add contrast and visual interest every time you enter the space. If you have a cubby shelf loaded with display items, you can add different colors to the back of each cubby. A very simple way to make this work is to cut cardboard to fit the back of the shelf and wrap it in a bold fabric before taping it to the shelf unit.

Consider Texture

Look for plush fabrics to use for pillows and throws. A plush velour or fleece throw will look different depending on how the light hits it. Freshly folded, it’s a comfy spot to lean back. Draped across you, it creates a reading nook.

If you don’t have pets, keep an eye out for cable knitted throws in bold colors. Many of these have a sheepskin backing, increasing the visual interest. Finally, look for uniquely-shaped rugs that you can add to define your conversation space or beside your bed for warmth and comfort. The hygge trend offers a lot of great ideas on how to stack and use faux-animal skins to make your home a bit cozier.

Lighting Options

In an open concept home, light can be used to create spaces. Put up mirrors and place candle holders in front of them on the wall beside your dining room. When it’s time to eat, light the candles to create an intimate setting.

Place a comfortable armchair in a corner or at the end of a hall. Hang a lamp over the chair and put a small table or shelf unit beside it. When the lamp is on, you have a cozy reading nook. To brighten it further, put a mirror or two on the wall behind the chair to bounce around the lamplight. Finally, drape a fleece throw over the back of the chair. Livening up your home doesn’t have to take a great deal of cash. Often, you can make a lot of wonderful improvements simply by repurposing what you have and adding one or two striking pieces.

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