Home Maintenance Repairs To Do in the Summertime

Home Reapirs Summertime

Summer is the time to stay outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But it’s also a good time to look after your home. Sometimes during the winter, you put some things on the back burner. And that’s understandable because cold weather isn’t exactly forgiving or inviting. Here are some home maintenance repairs to do in the summertime.

Clean the Windows

The windows are the eyes of a home. But they also endure a lot. Take a look outside your window and see if the view is clear. If things look a little distorted, that’s a clear sign they need some maintenance.

Not all homeowners know how often they should clean their windows. The warmer months are usually a good time. This is because you’ll have an easier time when the weather is forgiving. Cleaning windows when it’s cold outside is not the most enjoyable activity. 

Seal the Deck

Backyard patios and decks are about to see a lot of activity. They don’t get too many visits during the winter. Also, the snow and salt have some harsh effects on the surface. Now’s the time to stain and seal the decks.

After hosing down the deck, get the supplies ready to seal it off for all the barbecues you have scheduled. Sealing the deck keeps the wood looking good and helps it last longer. Warped wood needs replacement, and building a new deck can get expensive.

Repair the Driveway

Repairing the driveways in cold weather is difficult. For starters, the ground is frozen. Yes, plenty of construction work happens during the winter. However, those workers get paid to do it and have training.

You may need to start by removing the asphalt driveway. It’s always a better idea to do this when the sun is out and the breeze is comfortable. However, you more than likely won’t have the necessary equipment in your garage. But don’t waste money by purchasing the tools, either. Most of these materials you can rent from a hardware store. Check to see their policy and if they have a specialist to offer any specific instructions on operation.

Power Wash the Exterior

It doesn’t make much sense to power wash the side of your home when the temperature is freezing outside. The water inside a power wash is hot, but the hot water will only freeze faster. You don’t want to contribute to the ice that’ll come with winter.

Take advantage of this warm weather, and power wash your house now. Plus, winter is a dirty time. Your home’s exterior will have plenty of dirt and muck you need to wash and wipe through. The different color nozzles indicate the level of pressure coming out of the machine. Learn what the colors mean before turning on the washer. Do these home maintenance repairs in the summertime to save yourself from the trouble of being cold.

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