Home Renovation Projects You Should Consider This Year

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Today’s mood is ambitious. That’s what you’re feeling about home renovations today, and you might feel the same way tomorrow, but the best way to keep that confidence up is to plan out home renovations to do this year. From planning a bedroom update to adding a sunroom to your home, this blog has you covered. Here are some fun projects to get you excited about remodeling the house.

Repaint the House’s Interior

Not repainting your house could make the overall mood disappointing. If you want to bring the most out of a room—especially if you plan on selling soon—you need to repaint it to something new. Each room should be luminous and fun, from the bedrooms to the kitchen. Consider going room by room and deciding for yourself what vibe you’d like the room to have.

The entryway might be the best place to start since it’s one of the first areas of the house guests see when walking in for the first time. The entryway should be welcoming and warm, so pick a neutral color like carbon gray, cream, or pistachio. These colors all help create a welcoming atmosphere and build on the homeowner’s personality.

Renovate the Front Porch

Speaking of the entryway, if there’s an adjoining front porch, you should consider renovating that area too. If your space is enclosed, consider adding new windows to control insulation, humidity, and bugs.

Adding in new furniture could freshen up the space. Try refurbishing old pieces of furniture, such as an old park bench, and place them in different parts of the porch. You can also use porches as flexible spaces, so furniture like a daybed, a desk, an electric fireplace, and a bookshelf could give the room more than one purpose.

Update Your Bedroom

Another fun project that you might not have considered is updating a bedroom. Now is the perfect time of year to reinvent your style. By doing so, you could try adapting a modern bedroom with vintage touches, such as an old rug or a vintage mirror. 

One fun way to add a personal touch to your bedroom is to ditch paint and add wallpaper. Whether you like retro patterns or something simplistic like a floral pattern, wallpaper is a fun way to show your personality. You can also consider changing one area into a yoga space or a book nook if you have a loft.

Add a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom is one of the best home renovation projects you should consider this year. Not only do you get extra space for entertainment, but you also receive more ROI upon selling. There are different styles of sunrooms for you to pick from, so make sure to look over a guide on choosing the right sunroom for your home before building. This will save you time and money in finding a structure that works with your lifestyle.

So are you still feeling ambitious? Great! Stick around to discover more home renovations that get you excited about remodeling.

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