How Much Does Door Specialist Singapore Cost and Is It Worth It?

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Attention, Singaporeans – If you’re looking to buy a door and wondering just how much of a fortune it’ll cost you, then don’t go elsewhere, this blog is for you!

Whether your door needs have been deemed essential or merely luxurious, we’ve got all the answers to your burning questions – including just how valuable they are.

For instance, did you know that in Singapore, doors are ridiculously expensive? From solid wood doors to fancy ones with artfully-carved finishing, some may be costing you an arm and a leg… and yet, their “value” is still debatable.

But hey, at least they keep the bugs out and ensure everything stays private and secure. So, if you’re looking for an investment, maybe getting a door is worth it after all!

Door Types – Different types of doors available in Singapore

Singapore is home to various doors, from the mundane and traditional to the ultra-modern and outrageous. The types of doors mentioned below will explain the types of doors available in Singapore, with their prices.

 We’ll include features and benefits of each door type and show why there’s something for everyone, no matter their style or budget. So, if you’re looking for a door that screams “personality,” look no further – because Singapore has it all!

Interior Doors (Home Doors)

Interior doors are often a necessary but expensive purchase for homeowners in Singapore. With the cost of construction materials on the rise, it can be difficult to determine whether buying interior doors is worth it or not. In order to make an informed choice, we have listed their prices and pricing along with their features and benefits.

List of Different Types of Interior Doors and Prices

Sliding Doors –

Sliding doors can be more expensive than traditional swinging doors, but they offer several advantages that make them worth considering. Sliding doors help create an open floor plan, increase natural light exposure, provide better sound insulation, and require less space than swinging models.

Price range: $300 to $1,600+

Features and benefits:

-Helps to create an open floor plan

-increasing natural light exposure

-provides better sound insulation

-Takes up less space than conventional doors.

-Easy to use with a seamless sliding function

Bi fold Doors –

You can use bifold doors to divide up a single room into two distinct spaces or as interior doorways between rooms within the same floor level. A bifold door is made of multiple panels that fold away concertina-style when opened, making them ideal for tight spaces where regular swinging doors may not fit.

Price range: $170-$250+

Features and benefits:

-Bi-fold doors in Singapore are space-saving, allowing for a more usable area.

-you can use them to separate a room into two distinct spaces.

-They provide more natural light and ventilation than traditional doors.

-They can be easily opened and closed with minimal effort needed from the user. 

Laminate doors –

Laminate doors offer a robust solution and can be scratch and stain resistant. These door types are often made from wood, with layers of laminated plastic or other material, to create a durable and attractive surface. Laminate doors are more affordable than solid wood doors while ensuring the same quality.

Price range: $250-$800

Features and benefits:

-Durable and resistant to scratch/water

-Weather-resistant properties

-Environment Friendly

-Easy to maintain


French Doors –

French Doors provide an elegant touch, typically consisting of two doors that fold in opposite directions. It is a favourite for open-plan living areas, as it allows the freedom to move from one area to another without having to go through a doorway. Additionally, they are adaptable in that they can be used anywhere in your home, regardless of room size or shape. 

Price range: $400-$1000

Features and benefits:

-Allow for plenty of natural light to enter the room

-Provide a grand entrance that stands out

-Can be used both indoors and outdoors

– They provide easy access to balconies or patios inside the house.

Louvered Doors –

Louvered Doors boast an especially stylish design, utilizing angled slats for light and ventilation benefits. This door style can also be used for patios. Still, it’s effective when it’s used as a toilet door, allowing natural light to enter inside and ventilation without opening the entire door. 

Price range: $300-$950

Features and benefits:

-Excellent air ventilation and circulation 

-Ideal for rooms with lots of humidity

-Great for privacy

– Flexible for nearly any architectural style

Timber Doors –

Timber Doors provide a classic and rustic touch, using real wood in either solid or veneer form. Timber doors have a more traditional look and feel.

Price range: $700-1200

Features and benefits:

-Made from sustainable wood sources 

-Great for any contemporary or vintage home décor

-Customizable panels, shapes, and sizes

Aluminium Doors –

Aluminium Doors boast a sleek, modern look and feel. It is great for toilet and bathroom entrances because of Aluminium soundproof and water resistance properties.

Price range: $350-$900

Features and benefits:

– Durable, so they can withstand Singapore’s harsh weather conditions.

-Soundproofing capabilities

-Cost-effective compared to other frame materials.

-Can provide energy efficiency as they have good insulation properties and can help reduce cooling costs in Singapore’s hot climate.

Glass doors for kitchen –

Glass doors for the kitchen are made from toughened tempered glass. It offers the best view and great light transmission. A great addition to add aesthetic value to any interior kitchen entrance.

Price range: $520-$1200

Features and benefits:

-Glass doors allow natural light to enter the kitchen, making it more inviting and warmer. 

-They offer an unobstructed view of the interior, allowing you to keep track of what’s happening in there. 

-Glass doors are sleek and modern-looking, giving your kitchen an updated look always

-They are easy to clean; glass door panels are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or special glass cleaner. 

-They provide sound insulation from outside noise

Exterior Doors 

An exterior door is an important component of a home’s overall security, comfort, and aesthetic. As such, it is so important to consider the cost of doors in Singapore when deciding on a new one. Prices vary depending on the type of material and style chosen, but prices range from SGD 200 for simpler models up to SGD 2000 for more intricate designs.

When considering the cost of doors in Singapore, homeowners should also think about their quality and longevity. A good-quality door can last many years with proper maintenance while maintaining its structural integrity and weatherproofing capabilities.

Investing in a high-quality product may be more costly upfront but may provide better value than some cheaper options over time due to its durability. It is also worth considering the potential savings made through improved energy efficiency that comes with higher quality doors.

Types and Prices 

Barn Doors –

Barn Doors provides a more rustic look and feel, using large sections of wood. It’s great for the backyard or for storeroom areas. They are extremely customizable with various styles, colours, and hardware. They can be used in interior or exterior spaces. But again, it’s suited for factory and industrial areas.

Price range: $170-$2000

Features and benefits:

-Gives an aesthetically pleasing design option.

-Can be used to separate and define different areas in a room.

-They are space-saving as they don’t require swinging room clearance like traditional doors do. 

-They are available in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles for personalization. 

-They offer a unique rustic look that can add character to any home or office space.

Glass/Panel Doors –

Glass Panel Doors have a transparent look and feel and are great for rooms that need a lot of light. Most doors come with tempered glass panels, a shatter-resistance feature; you may also find doors with frosted glass panels or fluted types. They are very much suited for office entrance and commercial uses.

Price range: $300-$1000

Features and benefits:

-Glass panel doors provide an open and bright look to an entrance 

-They are aesthetically pleasing and can add a modern feel to any space. 

-They allow light to pass through, making them energy efficient. 

-Glass panel doors can be adjusted and customized to almost any door frame size or shape.

-Most of the glass panels are made of toughened and tempered glass, making them shatter-resistant.

Pros & Cons of Investing in these Door Types


1. High-quality doors can last for a long time and provide better security for homes.

2. Variety of choices available to blend in with the style and design of the house.

3. Can improve energy efficiency in homes by preventing heat loss from inside the home.

4. Adds value to the home and increases its marketability when selling or renting out.

5. Can reduce noise pollution from outside and keep it cool during hot days.


1. Limited space available due to the size of most apartments and condominiums, making it difficult to fit bigger doors inside these units.

2. Some suppliers include some additional Cost for the installation process with the need to hire professional carpenters or handymen for any adjustments needed after fitting the door properly.

3. Possibility of extreme heat accumulation during the summer months if not maintained properly.

Tips for Getting Your Best Value for Money

We have segregated those Tips based on assessing door types, finding the right price point, and picking a reputable supplier. So, we’re sure that these tips will help you out!!

Tips for Assessing Door Types:

-Evaluate the space requirements for your door

-Check the durability of different materials and types

-Consider installation costs when assessing door types

Tips for Finding the Right Price Point: 

-Research the market to compare prices 

-Look into special offers and discounts (Bundles, combos for CNY, Christmas sale, etc.) 

-Enquire about warranties and guarantees

Picking a Reputable Seller:

-Look for reputable door sellers in Singapore 

-Read customer reviews to gauge the quality of service and products

-Get recommendations from trusted sources 

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?  

When it comes to doors in Singapore, the cost can be high. In this article, we have explored the average price of doors in Singapore and whether they are worth their price.

Depending on the type of door you want, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

The more expensive options tend to offer better insulation and higher-quality materials. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer when it comes to determining if a door is worth its cost or not: ultimately, it will depend on your individual needs and budget constraints. 

You should be patient until you are good to go when buying your new interior or exterior door.

If you’re considering purchasing a new door for your home or office in Singapore, consider the factors discussed here – from quality materials to energy efficiency – when deciding whether or not it is worth investing in an expensive option. 

But According to our recommendation and research, all the doors are, of course, worth the price, and if you want to check the best supplier out there, then Laminate doors are one of the reputable suppliers that rank top in the home improvement industry in Singapore for years, 

Be sure to check out Laminate door, by the way. We hope you got a good amount of information from this article, Thanks for reading!

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