How Often Should You Clean Your Home’s Windows?

A home’s windows go through a lot, internally and externally. These are essential features of a home for safety and security, and they can benefit from a thorough cleaning to support their performance. But how often should you clean your home’s windows? We explore this answer below.

Best Time to Clean Your Windows

Realistically, you should clean your home’s windows twice a year. This is the baseline requirement for optimal performance and structural integrity. Dirt, grime, debris, and build-up can drastically impair your ability to operate the windows, reducing their lifespan. So the bi-annual cleaning ensures that you’re on top of harsh residues and the windows are secure.

It’s important to spring clean your home this year, so consider adding window cleaning to your list. Then, the next time you have to worry about cleaning them is right before winter. This will help you keep a consistent schedule without worrying if you cleaned them or not.

Cleaning Tips to Avoid Streaking

When it’s time to clean the windows, it’s essential to use proper techniques to avoid streaking. Streaking occurs when you use improper cleaning materials and the build-up swipes across the glass panes.

The interior will be easier to clean since they’re within arm’s reach. The exterior will bring more challenges, especially if you have single-hung windows. Your cleaning agents also make a big difference. Finding an effective way to clean wood-clad windows will differ from vinyl or aluminum, though your process will be similar.

Typically, you need mild detergents, warm water, and microfiber cloths. Additionally, you may need to hire a professional to clean the exterior to avoid safety risks.

When To Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

Home window cleaning is something you can tackle yourself if you’re comfortable. But if or when you live in a multi-story home, it may be best to hire a professional for the exterior features. A professional can clean your windows thoroughly, check for damage, complete repairs, and inform you about the integrity of your home’s windows. These professional insights will help you take better care of your home’s windows and ensure a long, reliable lifespan.

Now that we know how often you should clean your home’s windows, it’s time to add this item to your spring-cleaning list. Don’t overthink this task; hire your local cleaners if you want to skip it yourself.

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