How To Add a Personal Touch to Your Home

Personal Touch Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place to escape the outside world and feel at peace. They are personal spaces, and as such, they should reflect the person or people living inside them. Making sure your home is an accurate representation of yourself will make it more comfortable. Read on to learn how to add a personal touch to your home.

Explore DIY Projects

DIY is popular for a reason. You save money by doing it yourself, and you add a personal touch to your home. The pieces you get from the store all start to look the same. Nothing about them is terribly unique. But with a DIY project, you have an opportunity to get as creative as you want.

Look up some popular DIY projects for your home. Transforming an old quilt into curtains or a patio tablecloth could be the thing your home is missing. If you’re not very handsy or crafty, start off small. Something as simple as turning a coffee cup into a new home for a plant will do.

Dress the Walls With Faces

The walls are the easiest places to add a personal touch to a home. If you prefer the color white, then add some art. Consider a cluster of family photos or pictures of inspirational quotes. Have one wall be a signature piece where people will stop and stare and see your personality displayed. For example, a striped wall breaks your interior design free from the ordinary and makes a beautiful statement.

It could even be pictures of places you want to travel to someday. Think of it as an illustrated bucket list. With every destination you make it to, swap the picture out with one of you on the trip. Slowly but surely, you’ll have checked off every spot on your wall.

Make Every Room Cozy

A great way to make your home personal is to make sure every room feels lived in. That means kicking up that cozy element. The spaces and areas shouldn’t look stale or sterile. Make them seem vibrant and welcoming.

All it needs is some small finishings. The pieces don’t need to be too grand, either. Something small, like choosing the perfect rug for your kitchen, could be the one thing that the room needs.

Say It at the Front Door

Remember that personal touches don’t just reside inside the home. People can see your personality on the exterior, too. Keep the yard nice so that the curb appeal of your home doesn’t diminish. Paint the front door a new color as a first step.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can say “come in” with a welcome mat. And we don’t mean the standard ones, either. The welcome mat industry has gotten quite creative. Find a mat that says it all for you. You want your guests to mention it as soon as they walk in.Home is where the heart and personality are. Add these personal touches and watch your domain speak for itself.

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