How To Fix a Sagging Wooden Gate?

Fix a Sagging Wooden Gate


Once you continue to inhabit a property for years, sagging old gates will become a commonplace affair. Given that your wooden gate has to withstand the power of the wind, the rains, or even the scorching heat, your gate will become saggy after a while. A sagging wooden gate is significantly worse because they do not close properly, making it immensely problematic for people with kids or pets at home. A hanging wooden gate in your yard will make your house look dull and gloomy. 

Yesterday, I hurriedly tried to close my gate while I was already late for my game at the Breakout Escape Room. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not complete my saggy wooden gate. So, if you are also facing the same problem as me, read on to know how you can fix your sagging wooden gate.  

Why is your wooden gate sagging?

There are mainly two reasons that can make your wooden gate sagging:

1.            The hinges of your gate are no longer tight 

2.            The wooden gate has faded out of its square 

3.            The effect of gravity has made it sag  

How to fix your sagging wooden gate?

You need to act accordingly and solve your problem based on the reason behind your sagging wooden gate.

1.        Checking your hinges  

Your gate will continue to function well if the hinges work properly. You need to minutely observe the hinges to find out whether the hinges are damaged in any way. Once you find that your hinges have got hurt, just remove the damaged ones and replace them with new ones. While replacing your hinges, you need to ensure whether they are too small to fit the size and weight of your wooden gate. Often it may be the villain that makes your wooden gate sagging.  

Things you will need:

  1. Drill machine and drill bits
  2. Few screws, washers, and nuts
  3. New pairs of hinges 

What you need to do:

Once you have assembled the things, start your work by unscrewing your old hinges and removing them from the post. Remove your old hinges and put them away from your gate. You must measure and drill fresh screw holes in your post and the entrance to fix your new hinges.  

2.        Deterioration of the gate post   

Your gate post can quickly deteriorate or get damaged over time. Once you find that your hinges are in good condition, check if your gate post is in proper shape. Your gate may get damaged by insects or may even rot. It can gradually damage your entire gate post and make them sag over time. You will need to replace your gate post when such a case happens.  

Things you will need:

  1. Shovel
  2. Drill machine and drill bits 
  3. Post hole digger 
  4. Some concrete mix
  5. Level  

What you need to do:

Start your work by removing your old gate post and digging a new hole. You can even enlarge your already existing hole if that works for you. Ensure that your spot has a depth of at least three feet to keep your gate post firm and straight on the ground. You can either rent or purchase a post-hole digger to make your work easy. 

Now, place the new post in the concrete mix for about twenty minutes to dry. You are using a level check if it stands at the correct angle to the ground. Leave the gate post undisturbed for a couple of days to settle it before installing your wooden gate. 

3.        Gravity affecting your gate  

The problem may lie with gravity for those who find their hinges and gate posts in good condition. When gravity makes your wooden gate sagging, you can use an anti-sag gate kit to repair the gate. The kits generally come with a cable, fittings, turnbuckle, metal corner brackets, screws, bolts, and nuts. They are usually available at pocket-friendly rates so that you can buy one yourself. 

Things you will need:

  1. Anti-sag gate kit
  2. Drill machine and drill bits 
  3. Screwdriver 
  4. Pilers 
  5. Wrench  

What you need to do:

You need to start your work by installing the metal brackets at the top corner of your gate and the bottom corner of the opening side of your entrance. Now unscrew the turnbuckle and hook it on your top bracket. Then thread the cable through the hole in your bottom bracket and pull it up tight. Now you need to tighten the line using a screwdriver. 


Once your wooden gate is back to its original state, you will find how easily it elevates the overall appeal of your exteriors. So, set to work now with your screws and drill machine and fix your sagging wooden gate. 

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