Limestone Flooring: Timelessness Achieved

Limestone Flooring

One of the most beautiful natural rocks that can be used as a flooring material are limestones. Limestone flooring consists of calcium carbonate and has been traditionally used in construction and other building projects. It is a sedimentary rock that can also contain magnesium. It is this stone’s high calcium content that makes it light-colored.

Limestone comes in different textures and shades. Since this is so, it offers a visual appeal that not a lot of materials are able to give. What makes the limestone more preferable is that it has an earthy and natural appearance. Many homeowners choose it for this very reasons.

The installation of limestone in your home could be a lengthy project. You have to be truly committed because you need to care for it and have it maintained for many years. Know, though, that its aesthetic beauty makes it worth every minute of your effort.

The Pros

Limestone flooring is can option that offers rustic, timeless and an earthy look. It looks fabulous when paired with distressed wood furniture. And since limestone feels cool to the touch, it is great for warm areas. Walking barefoot on this type of flooring can soothe the feet. When cared for appropriately, it is set to last a lifetime.

The Cons

The limestone’s looks are not the only things that matter to most buyers. Consider the time and energy that are required to care for and maintain this kind of material. Limestone is heavy to begin with but it is relatively soft. This means that it is more susceptible to damages, scratches, stains and whatnot.

Limestone, therefore, must not be used in heavy traffic areas. It is highly porous so it can absorb stains almost instantly. If you are adamant in using limestone on your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or just about any room in your home, make sure that you apply a heavy-duty sealant on its surface. This extra procedure ascertains that the surface can weather stains for quite a while. You just need to reapply the sealant every few years so that the stone remains beautiful and stain-free for years to come.

There are special cleaning liquids that need to be used to address limestone cleanups. Never use bleaching agents or cleaning solutions fused with heavy chemicals as these can erode the beautiful, natural appearance of limestone. It can also affect the texture of your stone flooring. Again, it becomes mandatory to reapply the sealant every few years.

The Limestone Cost

Limestone is not as costly as granite or marble. In fact, you can pay for as low as $6 per foot. The area where the stone is supposed to be installed to will also make a huge difference on the cost.

Never install this kind of flooring on your own. It is particularly heavy for solo projects unless you have done the same kind of project in the past. Hiring a professional to help you with the installation is the best way to go. The difference between this and a DIY job is that you are assured of quality job. Professionals know how to properly install the slabs onto the floor. They also know how to place it so that the flooring will last a long time.

Overall, the disadvantages of having limestone installed can be conquered by patience and the willingness to care for the flooring. All you need, after all, is the sort of commitment that makes you invest time and energy in maintaining the slabs. With the right kind of attitude, you can appreciate the beauty that is offered by limestone flooring. If you are willing to take care of it, then your efforts should be fruitful.

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