Major Home Renovations and Their Role On ROI

Home Renovations

It has been said time and again that the selling points of a home are the bathroom and the kitchen. Some go as far as saying that walk-in closets and master bedrooms can also make a huge difference on the overall market value of a home. If these major home renovations are done perfectly, then it becomes much easier to dispose off any home.

Begin by considering what you would want in a home. Many homeowners can actually get more value out of the renovations before they even consider putting the home up for sale. If you have a kitchen with a non-working stove, then consider buying then eventually installing the latest innovation in ovens.

Sometimes, you just have a feeling that you need to upgrade the look of your bedroom or living room, it may not be in a terrible state at the moment but wanting to achieve a different look should also ask for a renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen has evolved through the years with its function now a lot more than mere food preparation. At the very heart of every kitchen renovation would always be prepping food, though. This is a room where the entire family, even their friends can hold banquets.

Sometimes, the kitchen can also serve as an area for socialization. The gorgeous island is there, after all, for everyone to see so why not let your visitors take a peek?

Major kitchen renovations could include a different floor plan. This should be a plant that improves the current work triangle. If there are major problems on storage and aesthetics, then do not think that covering these with appliances or cabinets is the only answer. Camouflaging is never an effective technique in covering up inefficient floor plans.

Many people are enamored by the very idea of installing French doors and windows so grab their attention by having these set up in your kitchen.

Take note that a major kitchen remodel can give you as much as 75-85% of ROI.

Family Room Remodeling

If you want to achieve 75% ROI on your renovation, then have your living or family room remodeled. Next to kitchens, this is the second best room to renovate in order to impress buyers. Having an extra 400 square feet of living space will absolutely provide added value for your home.

Have a vaulted ceiling done so that you can visually increase the height of the living area. This is an effective way to make this room appear and feel more spacious. Just like in the kitchen, it is also a great idea to add French doors or windows. If you want to have skylights installed, then that would also be a great idea.

Master Bedroom Remodeling

Having an extra 400 sq. ft. of master bedroom complete with a spa-like bath is the nicest retreat that you can offer to any would-be buyer. It is now fairly common to find the master bedroom as well as the bath retreat on the ground level so that people can easier access to them.

Having the master bedroom remodeled can easily fetch you 73% ROI.

Added Storeys

Having no less than two storeys added to your home offers 800 square feet of new space. The upper levels can serve as an upper level master bedroom with full bath or it can become the main family room.

The extra space may also be used as a home office. This is now a very appealing concept to many homebuyers since many are embracing the idea of homepreneurship. Adding two more storeys onto your home can easily fetch  77% ROI for the old owner. Surely, you will realize that major home renovations are worth your while as soon as you see the spike on your return on investment.

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