Make Room For Female Electricians

Lady electricians

The female population now represents a huge chunk of the U.S. workforce but they are still underrepresented in many trade professions. If women would only look closely, they would realize that the electrical industry is a feasible career path. Though it is currently dominated by men, all this is but an image that they need to dispel – an image of danger. But if the country is going to plug the skills shortage gap, then it cannot afford to dismiss women who are more than willing to work under this male-dominated environment. Lady electricians must be welcomed into the pack.

Electrician careers are not exclusively available to the male workforce. There are now a few women who work as electricians because they wanted to do so. Not too many may consider this job but for this handful of hopefuls, the industry has welcomed them with open arms.

The electrician’s career path may not be a path that women feel drawn to but this is now the age when women can choose not to stick to absolute job descriptions. There are now a lot of female soldiers who work alongside the male forces. Back in the day, people did not believe that such a setup could work but it did and now, women go into the same warzones that men are sent to.

There is an existing natural division among men and women when it comes to career choices such as what also happens to men where the nursing career is concerned. It is not because men are not welcome in the nursing profession, it is just that they naturally choose other professions.

Women Are Welcome

More things need to be done when it comes to encouraging women to join the electrical industry. It has been reported that one in 600 apprentices was female – this is definitely not a figure that presents a positive outlook in the future.

It is believed that not a lot of employers did enough to promote the electrical industry to the female population. It is crucial for women to see early on that there are benefits in being lady electricians. It may take time for the society to finally have a different perception towards female electricians so all that the world has to do is wait.

Girls might soon see the misrepresentations that were done in the past. Becoming an electrician must be made appealing to girls by being presented in the correct manner. There are a lot of females that already have the potential to apply as an electrician, all that they need is the will to pursue the said career.

The educational sector must entice women to take electrical courses since the work does not always include physical labor. There are jobs like inspecting and testing which can be tackled by a woman.

Skills to Remember

Electricians are respected if the relevant skills that they need for the job are seen in them. Regardless of gender, there are certain skills and characteristics that every electrician must show.

Good language skills are required since the electrical industry is always moving forward. There are hordes of safety issues, technological updates and quality standards for every electrician. It is also needful for worksheets to be completed and for written records to be kept. Since language and communication skills are essential, you need to be good in reading and talking in English.

Math skills are also important since these are used in many practical and every day situations. Voltage, amperage, ohms and other units of measurement are calculated using mathematical skills so this means that a lady electrician must also be comfortable in working with numbers. Lady electricians must also be patient, flexible, a lover of learning, teachable, and trustworthy. These are qualities that all who work in the electrical industry must be aware of.

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