Moroccan Interior Design: A Melting Pot Of Beautiful Cultures

Moroccan interior design

Morocco is a country that is situated in the African north-western portion. Moroccan interior design is very special because is offers different cultural influences from African, Persian to European. Since this country has a hot climate, it calls for an interior that is cozy and inviting. And with the dry environment all around it, a Moroccan home often has exotic pots and other interesting pieces.

The chief elements of this kind of interior design are colorful tiles, rugs, pottery, dishes, lanterns, textiles and metal works. Even the fabrics that are used on window treatments and upholstery are rich in colors. Moroccans are used to numerous cushions and pillows in their bedrooms.

Moroccan Lighting

The lighting fixtures in Moroccan homes are a lot different than those that are found in countries abroad. Many artisans offer the most beautiful handcrafted pieces which are typically displayed in homes. Henna lamps are quite common and they are called as such because of the patterns that are imprinted on each one of them. Henna lamps are made with goat skin which have been installed on a metal frame. Silk cord is used to hang the said animal skin.

Moroccan Furniture

Just look at any Moroccan furniture and you would realize that it is different from any other chair, armoire or table out there. Most are made of wood with 1-2 sofa pieces placed inside a living room. The tops of these pieces are often rectangular. Table tops come with mosaic or tile designs. Brass or copper trays are also used to hold food and beverages.

Moroccan Carpets and Rugs

What is Moroccan interior design without carpets and rugs? These depict the Persian influence on this type of interior design. Rugs and carpets have long been included in Moroccan interiors. Their existence can be traced all the way back to the 13th century. There are two kinds of rugs – the smaller types are used for praying while the full-sized ones are displayed inside living rooms. Asian and Islamic designs have been incorporated in many of these carpets and rugs.

Moroccan Design Ideas

Every interior designer begins with the right color choice. These colors must be able to reflect the country’s natural surroundings. The blue shades and greeneries, and the golds all reflect the beauty of the seas, trees and the desert, respectively.

Mirrors are often framed using metal or wood. Kitchen utensils are mainly made of ceramic with the bright-colored pottery taking center stage.

Terracotta flooring and textured walls are important features of every Moroccan home. Together with these features, you can bring in exotic plants into the home. The tropical look can provide a contrast to the desert colors that you decided to use.  

Canopies are also quite common and the are often used in seating and dining areas. This bazaar look is a unique appearance that is solely Moroccan. In such interiors, you find dizzying geometric patterns as well as floral designs. Many genius artisans have offered their talents in creating the most beautiful tiles for different uses.

This kind of style is now quite popular all over the globe because of the beautiful elements that harmonize in it. The brightest colors give you endless possibilities with regard to the look that you could achieve. Moroccan interior design is a captivating and enchanting theme for any home. In order to come up with this concept, you need to understand the above essentials. It is a style that appeals to the human senses which is why the air should be filled with the rich aromas of scented candles or incense. Are you ready to embrace this kind of design for your home?

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