My Stuff Is Taking Over My Home! How Do I Fix It?

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Overconsumption, hoarding, and an obsession with shopping results in a cluttered, chaotic house. It’s impossible to clean or pick up anything because there’s always too much in the way.

You can’t take it anymore and need guidance. Read how you can become better organized and learn how to fix the stuff taking over your home.

Commit To Decluttering Your House

One day, you’re motivated; nothing can stop you from the project ahead! A few days pass, and you lose every ounce of interest.

Stay committed to the project! It’s the only way to truly fix the problem once and for all. Stick to a decluttering and cleaning schedule without overexerting yourself. Try to have it all done within a month or two, depending on the severity of the situation.

Determine What Causes the Most Stress in Each Room

A cluttered house is bound to cause excessive stress. Start by pinpointing the elements that impact your well-being the most. Are there too many clothes piled on the floor of the closet? Are there cables and wires spilling out of a cabinet? Are there too many useless knickknacks sitting on shelves?

Whatever the items are, start there. Donate the items or put them in the garbage. If the item is of value, but you don’t see a use for it anymore, consider selling it or giving it to a friend.

Get Rid of Junk Drawers and Miscellaneous Storage Tubs

Every homeowner has a faithful junk drawer or a storage tub that holds all of the random items that don’t have a place. Consider if all the items you toss in the junk drawer are worthy of keeping.

Designate a spot for pens, scissors, stamps, and sticky notes in the kitchen. Go through the miscellaneous storage tubs and throw out useless items; doing so will enable you to consolidate these things into fewer tubs. Label the containers so they’re easy to find. Make efficient use of furniture that serves as storage, such as chests, bookshelves, and credenzas.

Establish a Functional Garage

One of the best garage improvements is to make it a usable space. Plenty of homeowners park their cars in the middle of holiday décor and never-completed DIY projects. Sometimes it’s much worse, and the homeowner can’t park a single car inside!

Once the inside of your house is taken care of, move to the garage. It’s understandably difficult to part with so many items. Belongings that stay need to have a designated spot in the garage. Keep the space organized to prevent chaos and stress in the future. It’s not always quick and easy to fix the problem of stuff taking over your home, but it’s attainable. At the end of the day, focus on the essence of each room in your home. What is the focal point? How does it make you feel? Are you happy? These are the most important questions you should ask yourself when the decluttering is said and done. It might not be an exciting or easy process, but you will feel better once it’s completed.

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