Open Space Concept In Homes – Rock Your Place With The Bare Minimum

Modern Living Room Ideas

Do you happen to have a huge space in your living room? If so, then this is the perfect setting for your dream of applying the open space concept in homes. Designing a floor plan that is meant for the open space concept is an effective way to make any living area appear more spacious.

What do you have in mind when you think about a modern living room? For many, it is openness. But is openness similar to blandness and having an almost empty room?

These days, the open space floor plan means half walls, visual dividers, and families interacting with each other. The interiors are not totally fused as they still have dividers but family members are given the ability to connect. Each room is still fascinating enough to hold its own personality. 

Colors can be daring or subdued, it is really up to you. Since open space floor plan is all about modernism, then you have to have the right furniture elements combined with beautiful artworks. While art is acceptable, it is not good to have numerous pieces all at once.

Wide windows are highly useful in an open space concept home since the indoor and outdoor boundaries should be kept at a bare minimum.

Beyond the Living Room

Open space is not just a concept that can be used in the living room. It is a theme that can link the living room to the dining area, kitchen and other parts of your home. As a whole, they comprise a fusion with no greatly visible boundaries. This, therefore, evokes freedom where vertical or horizontal floor linking has been effectively applied.

A whole space that has been subdivided into functional groups is what open space is all about. It should consist of smaller yet unified entities rather than separate rooms. Borders should be opened since this is the right response to contemporary living where people are separated by lack of time.

The functional component in open space concept in homes is chiefly related to the correct arrangement of design elements that comprise one group. In such a home, the kitchen, living room, dining room, working space, and just about every inch of space are completely balanced. While this is so, the activities that are performed in one room must never interfere with those that are being done in another room. Communication is always open, though, yet the activities never upset the different rooms’ functions.

While functionality is prioritized, you must never forget about aesthetics. This is no longer about random colors, fabrics, materials or styles anymore. What needs to be emphasized is the dimension that you are working with and the quality of the open space in that home.

The most preferable setting is a home where there is more than one color for the materials. Two-color materials should lead your list of choices. A lot of colors could reduce your visual experience so be careful in putting a lot of colors, too.

Since open space is all about freedom, then you might as well maximize this concept. Be free to experiment with different styles, just be careful that the designs you choose are actually complementary to one another.

If you want to play safe, then just choose the style that reflects your personality, this way, no one can tell you that you are doing it incorrectly. Be wary about the details that you add later, though. Though you are encouraged to display your personality, you must still learn to follow certain trends and geometric elements. Using an open space concept in homes is not easy just because of the minimal amount of design elements that is usually incorporated. In fact, it is the bare look that will reveal whether you have taste or are left with a mere bare room.

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