Security Lighting: Now You Can Sleep Better At Night

Security Lighting

Many homeowners these days worry about intruders, burglary and even vandalism. There are also those with neighboring children who damage their property. If you have experienced or continue to experience any of these, then it is time to consider the installation of security lighting in your home.

Electrical cost may impede your plans of having this type of lighting installed in your home because keeping a number of light bulbs turned on throughout the night will surely cost you a lot. An effective solution to this concern is for you to find green outdoor security lights and by green, it means using green technology.

Solar-Powered Security Lights

Increasing the security of your home has never been easier – and cheaper. Just buy solar-powered security lights and have motion sensors installed at the same time and you will save a lot of bucks. Motion sensors are devices that will turn on the security light only when a movement is detected, thus, if no activity is going on, then there is no need to waste precious electrical energy. Motion sensors installed with security lights can also focus only on the areas where they are actually needed.

Do not automatically presume that this kind of lighting is more expensive than ordinary outdoor lighting. Solar-powered ones are more expensive, sure, but when you look at the project in the long-term, you will realize that you have saved more on your energy bills. The initial cash outlay may be hefty but you will save much more once you start using the lighting system.

Another concern in the installation of this regular security lighting are the wirings. These generally cause hassle more so when there is a need to hide the wires. Yet if you are using solar-powered lighting, there is no longer a need to worry about wires. Solar panels just need to be installed in an area where ample sunlight shines through then you can begin to enjoy wireless lighting during the night.

The motion detectors and photocells can be easily installed in  your home also for enhanced energy efficiency. See, you are not just safer at night, you also become earth-friendly.

If you are the type of homeowner who wants to have ambient outdoor lighting and not just mere security, then you can invest in LED lighting. Dock lighting, walkway lighting and tree lighting can now be all-LED. Photocells are more reliable on flood lights as they can even go from dusk till dawn.

A few homeowners use photocells on their lighting and motion sensors. They get to save a lot of money in the process since the lights only turn on when someone enters the area where the light is installed.

Find out if your town or subdivision allows the use of exterior lighting, though. There are a few subdivisions that do not allow such lighting with the reason that some residents’ star watching activities are hampered. But you must have exterior lighting so that you can feel more secure. You have the choice between photocells for security lights or a motion sensor light so that you become more energy efficient.

Turning Off Motion Sensors

If you have visitors that are coming over for a little gathering and you want your motion sensor lights to become regular lights, then all you have to do is to turn them off then turn them back on. This should turn them into regular outdoor lights up till you turn them off again and they return into the motion sensor mode.

Security Light Options

Nowadays, solar security lights are already reliable. There are packages that can be installed even without the aid of an electrician. But if you have never handled an electrical job in the past, then it is best to leave the installation project to a pro. Security lighting now offers a wide variety of options – from floodlights, spotlights, motion-activated lighting, floodlights with LUX settings, LED bulbs to solar lighting fixtures – it is up to you to choose which one suits your taste.

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