Should You Install a Light or Dark Roof for Your Home?

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There are many home features you’ve most likely overlooked in the past. As you recognize you need a new roof, have you ever wondered about the advantages and disadvantages of different roof colors? Find out if you should install a light or dark roof for your home.

Light Colors Show More Dirt and Grime

It’s common for dirt and grime to be more noticeable when stuck on light-colored surfaces. It’s like when you wear white clothing or drive a bright car. The blemishes become more obvious on light surfaces, while dark colors mitigate their presence.

Dark Colors Absorb More Heat

On the other hand, dark colors are prone to absorbing excessive heat. If you’ve ever stepped barefoot on black asphalt, you can feel the intense heat emitting from the surface.

Darker shades naturally drawn in sunlight. Homeowners in warmer climates may prefer to install white or light-gray roofs to reduce heat and improve energy efficiency.

Light Roofs Can Enhance Energy Efficiency

During the summer, you seek comfort indoors to cool off in the air conditioning. However, having a dark-colored roof may cause additional warmth to seep into the house through the attic.

A lighter roof can reduce this issue. You won’t need to run your air conditioning as frequently. It’ll save you money on your energy bills while utilizing less power.

Dark Roofs Melt Snow More Quickly

Cooler climates are more prone to snowstorms in the winter. When you don’t have to worry about copious heat transferring into the home, darker roofs aren’t a problem!

In fact, it’s easier for snow to melt on darker roofs. Since colors like black, dark brown, and charcoal gray absorb sunlight, ice and snow will melt more rapidly. This makes dark roofs ideal for getting rid of snow and keeping your roof in great condition without much effort.

Which Hue Is Right for Your Home?

When asking yourself if you should install a light or dark roof for your home, your decision comes down to preferences. Perhaps you’re more concerned about making the roof look cohesive with the home rather than worrying about the additional heat transfer. Maybe you live in an incredibly hot climate and can’t have a dark-colored roof that may make your house scorching hot. No matter which hue you pick, updating the roof is a simple home renovation that adds value. Once you have an idea about the color you want, you can choose a roofing material that’ll fulfill your requirements.

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