Studio Type Room Designs – Creating A Unified Look In A Cramped Space

studio type room designs

Different people have different uses for a studio type room. There are different designs made available to single persons, young professionals and college students. If there is one issue that needs to be addressed in all of these, then this would have to be the lack of space. This is why the Internet is now flooded with studio type room designs that are all promising the same thing – making a compact space look and feel spacious.

Unlike the usual home, this sort of living arrangement does not have a separate room for sitting, dining and resting. This sole room is there for all of the purposes that you need it to serve. Also, the regular types of furniture are not bound to fit this kind of space.

Keeping all this in mind, you must think of how to arrange all the design elements that you choose to keep. For instance, the furniture that you choose must be lightweight and ones that can be easily maintained. They must also be able to occupy but a little space or should be multi-functional.

What To Do

As you would any design project, be sure to plan and decide on the number of sections that you can make in this single room. You must also know what theme to use from the onset. Find out how you are going to allocate space for your little sitting place, makeshift kitchen and bed space.

You can fuse two or more sections together such as the kitchen and dining areas. Once you have decided on these aspects, find out the measurements for the different areas. You simply cannot work without knowing how much space you are working with.

Now it is important to design a functional kitchen. install a cooking table right on the corner and have the shelves attached onto the walls. Remember that cabinets consume a lot more floor space so they can cause inconvenience. To steer clear of this space issue, be sure to buy less crockery.

As for the proper furniture, find a sofa that doubles as a bed in the evening. For your dining area, of course, you need a small table, preferably, the folding type. A great alternative are boxes that can also be used as a dining table. These boxes can then be filled with the stuff that would otherwise clutter the floor.

An important part of the studio type room is the single entrance (which also serves as an exit). This means that you need to find ways to make this part of your room look more spacious. To do this, you can install a mirror on either side of the walls right next to the main door. Have a hat and coat stand right next to one of these mirrors. You can store your shoes by placing a shoe rack below the mirror.

As for the seating area, try not to buy bulky furniture. Flexibility should give you the needed space, hence, find a three-seater couch which you can complement with bean bags and floor pillows.

The sleeping platform is a great way to save space. Just divide the seating area into two with the use of a ladder. Have the upper area become your sleeping platform and the lower half as a study area.

Another smart idea is to install room dividers so that you can separate the room according to your preference. Create a dressing room using a divider. You could have a cupboard with a mirror complete with small LED lights at the top. There are many more innovative studio type room designs online. Find out which ones catch your attention and see how they would fit into your allotted budget.

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