Sunroom Essentials – Essential Pieces If You Want To Bask In The Sun’s Warmth

sunroom furniture ideas

Not a lot of homes have a sunroom in them. Adding a sunroom in your own home will give you the enjoyment of watching the sun rise during the morning and to have natural light throughout the day. Since this room is always flooded with sunlight, it becomes important that you invest in some sunroom essentials.

The pieces that you will place in this special room has to match your preferred design. You can pick furniture based on the theme that you have set whether that is eclectic, contemporary or traditional.

Colors also play an important role in your choice of furniture for your sunroom. Find a hue that is most comfortable for you and your family. Match this color with the décor that you currently have in your home or you can mix and match it with other colors that complement that one that you have chiefly chosen.

Furniture in this part of your home should come in different materials such as wicker, resin and PVC. Be able to choose the ones that work best for your space. Keep in mind that the sunroom is constantly exposed to cold or too much heat. Where there’s too much dampness, then you can expect mold to grow. If the sun constantly beats down on this room then you can look forward to furniture that will become unsightly in the long run.

Vinyl or Plastic Against the Elements

One of the unique and light furniture which you can use inside the sunroom are plastic pieces. These have been designed to withstand even the harshest elements. You can enhance plastic furniture by adding colorful cushions. Just make sure that the colors do complement the rest of the colors inside the sunroom. You can also add a glass top for the center table. Put in some decorative plants to remove the feeling of cold, lackluster plastic pieces.

Wicker for Eclectic Beauty

Although the sunroom is a great place to be at during the day, it can also serve many other diverse purposes. This can also be a place where you can socialize with your friends and entertain your visitors. If you have to use the sunroom in this manner, then the furniture that you buy should be a bit more formal.

Together with your wicker side tables and chairs, you can have some cushions custom-fitted for each piece. This can give the room a semi-formal look.

The Solarium in Focus

Also called a conservatory or a solarium, your sunroom is a fusion of the indoors and the beautiful outdoors. Sunroom additions are rooms that can be a cross between a backyard patio and the regular family room. What you need are basic requirements for this kind of a room –

  • First, you must have no less than 10 skylights. The windows must be efficient enough to let in ample sunlight. See if you can squeeze in a nice-looking ceiling fan for your project. You may also need some window shades since the windows – being the most important parts of the sunroom – also need to take a break from getting too much light every now and then.
  • The best sunroom ceiling is the cathedral type. This will give you a more spacious feeling, plus, you get to look at the starry skies during the night.
  • As to the floor, one of the best options is the ceramic tile. This is a flooring material that will not fade, scratch or stain. This can also serve as a cool underfoot during the hottest summer months.

Sunroom essentials include furniture that won’t fade and other design elements that can withstand harsh weather elements. Be sure to discuss your needs with a designer so that this part of your home is stylized in a manner that best suits your preference.

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