The Home Entertainment System Setup

Home Entertainment System Setup

A home entertainment system is also known by another name – a home theatre. Back in the day, only the affluent can afford a home theatre but now, more and more households are already starting to enjoy it.

This system fuses several functions so that your home viewing experience is greatly improved. Now, you don’t have to go to the movie houses just to enjoy theatre-style film viewing.

If you want to save money and time, then you have to speak with a local electrician about –

  • The surround sound system which includes at least four speakers
  • A movie screen which is a huge-screened TV
  • A DVD player or its equivalent
  • Film projector

Before you set out with the installation, find a home theatre system that is in line with your available budget. Take your time in doing your homework; make sure that the electrician you hire has accreditation in installing such a system and that he has ample experience to boost.

Older homes come with equally old electrical systems. If this is the case and you want to have a modern home theatre installed, then this should give you the reason to employ a licensed electrician, all the more.

A newer entertainment system that is connected to old wiring can cause fuses to blow or for the new TV to be damaged. Ask a reputable electrician to check out your home and assess the kind of wiring that will be used to replace the old system.

For Movie and Music Fanatics

Many American households now have their own home entertainment system. Music lovers and movie fanatics all dig this kind of technology which is now being considered as a threat to cinemas. People now tend to stay at home watching movies with their loved ones than spend more money watching a new movie in theatres.

A thorough knowledge of home theatre system is crucial to enjoy cinema-like viewing and listening experience. There are many factors that can bring this about. First, you need to consider the shape as well as the size of the room where you intend to have the home theatre set up.

The system must be a perfect match to the room size so that the surround sound that you intend to achieve will be realized. Small rooms use smaller speakers and less numbers of speakers as compared to huge rooms. You can now find home-theatre-in-a-box which is considered to be sufficient for little rooms. This system comes with a 5.1 sub-sat system.

If you have a bigger room, then consider investing in bookshelf speakers or floor standing designs. Also, you can buy a 7.1 home theatre system. Some homeowners start small by buying two front speakers initially. They can then add more speakers later on. This is okay if you have a strict budget to follow, just make sure that the speakers you buy during different periods will compliment each other with regard to sound quality and acoustics. It is impossible to have a realistic sound if the speakers do not harmonize.

As soon as you have measured the size of your room, you must also consider room acoustics. Make sure that the walls are able to absorb the sound that emanates from the speakers. Bouncing sounds will make the movie sound awful so choose soft materials such as carpeting or thick curtains to prevent the room from having an echo. Buy the rest of the home theatre system components such as the DVD or Blu-ray player, projector, TV and receivers. If you want to add a gaming console then have that set up, too. Your component selection depends on your needs. Ask an electrician to assess your home entertainment system needs so that you can buy the right components in no time.

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