Things To Be Aware of When Remodeling an Attic

Aware Remodeling Attic

Finishing an attic adds additional space to a home. It might even be enough space for a bedroom or office. However, going into the renovation without some background knowledge could damage the overall structure of your home. Don’t create more problems. Here are some things to be aware of when remodeling an attic.

Codes and Safety

Every attic is different, and they all come with their own set of rules. But the standard code for attics says they should be at least 7 feet high. Remember the rule of seven: 7 feet high, 7 feet wide, and 70 square feet.

If you’re unsure how to apply to rule, check with a local contractor or building official. They can direct you to where the modification needs to go. They’ll also discuss reinforcing the house’s framework and foundation.

HOA Regulations

Don’t start on any renovations until your HOA approves them. An HOA approval is always something you need to remember when remodeling your home. Attic remodels typically won’t negatively impact your neighborhood, but there could be a chance the improvement blocks a neighbor’s view.

Discuss with your HOA the plans you’d like to implement. From there, they can inform you about what necessary permits you need to obtain before starting the project. They’ll want to know a timeline for the project, so make sure you give yourself enough time to complete it.

Adequate Heating

Warm air does rise, but there’s a good chance the heating in your home doesn’t reach the attic. For this, you’ll want to speak with an HVAC expert to ensure adequate heating reaches the remodeled attic. If there’s a current system, you want to ensure nothing you do damages it.

Next, you may need to upgrade the fiberglass insulation. If the current material is damaged, remove and dispose of the fiberglass insulation and install a new lining. Be careful with this process. Make sure you wear the necessary protective gear for safety.

Attic Lighting

Attic lighting is tricky. Remember, every attic is different. And therefore, the lighting in yours needs to work with the overall structure of the home. However, every attic should always include a window regardless of the shape.

Whether the window is on the ceiling or against the wall makes no difference. You also need to account for electricity because one window will never be enough. Check with an electrician to help with this section. Wiring is tricky. So if you’re inexperienced, you should never attempt to do it yourself. Being prepared and aware of these things when remodeling your attic will help ensure you get the results you want.

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