Tips for Creating a Pinterest-Worthy Kitchen

Pinterest Worthy Kitchen

When we say the term Pinterest-worthy, we mean something eye-catching, appealing, and typically an image you would find on the popular Pinterest app. Creating a Pinterest-worthy kitchen can be overwhelming when the ideas and inspiration are endless. Don’t be discouraged by this! Create a picture-perfect kitchen with our ideas.

Add Greenery

One common piece of inspiration that you can find on Pinterest includes some greenery in the kitchen. Plants and greenery can infuse the room with a small splash of color. Not to mention, plants can purify the air, making the kitchen appear and feel fresher. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb; there are beginner-friendly plants that are simple to care for, like the snake plant.

Consider Two Refrigerators

Do you have a large family? It can be difficult to maintain a Pinterest-worthy kitchen when you have multiple people creating messes and using appliances. Having two refrigerators is beneficial because it offers more space for your groceries, cleaning up your space and creating an inspiring kitchen that your friends and family will love. If you’re completely remodeling, consider adding an additional fridge!

Convert To Open Shelving

When you’re scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, a common feature you will find in these kitchen photos is open shelving. This is the perfect cabinetry for transitional kitchen designs. For example, you might have cabinets under the counter for a more traditional style while having open shelving to add a contemporary style to the mix. Plus, open shelving allows you easy access to your ingredients or dinnerware.

Build a Breakfast Nook

If you like to use your dining table for more formal family dinners, you can always build a breakfast nook in your kitchen to provide more space for eating. Whether you’re reading the newspaper and sipping on your cup of coffee or serving the kids breakfast, a breakfast nook is a perfect space to start your day. Have fun with this additional space by adding a new style and aesthetic to your kitchen!

Light Fixtures

You can’t create a Pinterest-worthy kitchen without elegant or vibrant light fixtures. The light fixtures you choose to install over your island or dining table can enhance the aesthetic of this room. Remember your overall vision for your kitchen design when purchasing these fixtures to ensure it matches the current style. Whether you’re on a budget or completely remodeling, any kitchen can become Pinterest-worthy. From using open shelving to adding greenery, your kitchen will inspire all your friends and family. What other elements do you think would make for a Pinterest-worthy kitchen?

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