What is the Best Type of Mattress Foundation To Buy?

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Your perfect mattress needs the perfect foundation to go with it. You spend a lot of time picking the best mattress, but once you have it, you need to treat your search for a base with the same seriousness. A quality foundation ensures your mattress is clean and protects it from wear, prolonging its life. It also prevents your bed from moving around, enhancing your sleep quality.

It is a requirement from some brands for you to use their mattresses with specific foundations for them to honor warranty claims. In this post, we will explore different mattress foundations to help you make your choice. Also, we will give you insights on how to choose the best base for your bed.

What Is a Mattress Foundation?

A mattress foundation is a base on which you place your mattress. It supports the mattress to prevent sagging in the middle and ensures you have a good night’s rest. A foundation keeps your mattress clean away from dirt and dust and adds height to your mattress. The box spring is the more common base, but you can choose from many other options, such as the platform foundation or the adjustable bed frame.

Types of Mattress Foundation

The most suitable foundation for you depends on your mattress type, budget, and personal preference. This section shares information on a few mattress foundations to help you choose.

Slatted Bed Foundation

They are made of wood or metal planks that span the frame horizontally. With this type of mattress foundation, your mattress is aerated, and you are assured of plenty of storage space. If you have an innerspring mattress, you do not need to use a box spring with this foundation. The best slat space is 2.5 inches, but some have wider spaces. Remember, even though wood is cheaper, the planks may sag over time. An excellent choice is the Purple Bed Frame in Charcoal, available in six different sizes. The queen size goes for $499.

Metal Bed Frames

Often you will find box springs and mattress foundations resting on metal bed frames. They are simple, low cost, and fitted with elevating limbs that add extra lift to your mattress. The metal bed frame is sturdy but cannot support a mattress. The Malouf Metal Bed Frame w/Roll Legs Flat Foundation II, Twin and Full is easy to move and will last a long time.

Solid Platform Foundation

Unlike its slatted counterpart, this mattress foundation is made with boards that do not leave spaces between them to prevent sagging. They work well with memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid mattresses. Our top pick is this Tempur-Pedic Flat Black Low Profile Flat Foundation; queen-size goes for $350.

Adjustable Bed Frame

You can adjust the bed frame to recline at a 40 to 70 degrees angle. It relieves neck, shoulder, and hip pain while helping those who suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. Advanced models also have Bluetooth capability, reading light, and massaging vibrations. It is a luxury that does not come cheap. You must be willing to spend over $1000 to buy the adjustable bed frame. The Mlily NE500S Adjustable Foundation, Full will make an excellent addition to your bedroom.

Bunkie Board

They provide extra support for bunk beds and hence the name. Bunkie boards are compact and low to the ground, making them ideal if you are limited in space. They are made of wooden boards, mostly plywood, and covered with fabric. If you have an old box spring and want to use it with foam, latex, or a hybrid mattress, a bunkie board will provide the extra support needed. Try the Sherwood Bunkie Board, Queen for $125.

Box Spring

You should only use a box spring with an innerspring mattress as it does not provide adequate support for other mattress types. It consists of steel coils that are held in a wooden frame. The steel coil forms the mattress base and provides stability while also absorbing the shock applied to the mattress. With time, the coils lose their sturdiness, and your mattress may begin to sag.

Platform Bed

Raised platform beds may be made of wood or metal. They do not need a foundation as they have either slats or solid boards that support the mattress. The solid-type platform beds often have storage underneath. The Sonora Sleigh Bed w/Storage in Espresso will make your sleeping space exquisite. The queen size is only $1199.99.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Foundation

1. Type of Mattress

The type of mattress you have determines the foundation you need, so it is advised you pick a mattress first. For example, a box spring will not offer sufficient support to a foam or latex mattress. Some brands recommend specific foundations to use with their mattresses. Also, the size matters, and if your mattress is not well-supported, it will sag in the middle.

2. Budget

Mattresses foundations come in a wide price range from cheap to very expensive, like the adjustable bed frame. But it is not wise to skimp on the foundation as cheap can be very expensive down the road.

3. Durability

Materials used to make the foundation also determine how durable it will be. Wood may be cheaper than metal, but it will not last long. Also, the type of wood matters in how long the product lasts. Don’t go for cheap-looking foundations as they may not be able to support your weight and that of the mattress.

4. Assembly

Some designs can be complex to build, like a jigsaw puzzle, while others are simple. If you are worried you may be unable to handle the assembly, go for an easy-to-build mattress foundation. Also, consider the shipping conditions.

5. Style and Design

A mattress foundation will rarely be visible as it is often hidden under bed skirts or other bedding material. But if you want to make a statement, adjustable bed frames or platform beds are excellent choices. Remember to ensure the foundation fits the mattress and your room. Also, if you are fixing it to an old bed frame, confirm the dimensions to ensure they fit.

6. Warranty

Carefully look through your mattress policy, as you may void your warranty by using the wrong foundation. If you are unsure about the foundation, seek information from the company you bought the mattress from.

Thanks to the many available options, it may be difficult to narrow down your search. Once you have a recommendation, your quest for the perfect mattress foundation will be easier. To experience all your mattress’s benefits, you need a firm base. A strong, quality mattress foundation is as important as your mattress. For more choices, visit us here and here.

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